At 5:12 in the afternoon of the 8 of this wonderful month, we have roughly 55 hours left on the clock, before all the hard work, time and money finally begin to pay off.

Now normally, one might expect these last fleeting moments to be filled to overflowing with excitement, anticipation, and anxiousness. And to a certain degree, that is true for me. However, as the minutes melt away, at this point in the countdown, I become much more calm. Knowing that everything necessary for taking this flight of fancy, has been taken care of. So being able to head into flight day with a controlled exuberance. Im done jumping up and down and making silly sounds and faces. My fellow employees have certainly heard enough of our countdown. Patience, which has never been my strong point, must now enter my psyche. I must use this upcoming time to relax the frenetic energy that has followed me during this trip preparation. This low key approach will help me throughout the long travel day, so that whatever excitement may be showing on the outside, the other 90% is being subdued for its own good. That way I wont look like a crazy person jumping around and screaming, I WANT TO GO NOW.

Indeed, the waiting has been long and sometimes painfully filled with angst. All that is behind us now. Now, we will sit quietly, sort of, and finish waiting out our penalty clock. Tick Tock Tick Tock Tic Tock