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    Default CN Beach Volleyball

    Last year at CTI, there were not a lot of people interested in playing beach volleyball. I think we played one game the entire week we were there. (bummer)

    This is our first trip to CN and Im just curious if any of you CN vets out there noticed a lot of people playing beach volleyball?

    Will be there June 21-29 and we're super stoked about playing. To anyone that will be there during that time, lets get some games going ya'll!!!

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    Usually 2 times per day (11am, 4pm), but not always. Occasionally there are just not enough people (particularly if many have gone on cat cruise, or heavy rain comes).

    We've seen so many people that they form 3 teams (1 sits out a game) or at other times, just 3 on 3 games. There will be at least 1 E.T. member there to play and some times 2 or more.

    But I would guess probably 80 to 90% of the scheduled times we've seen games happen.

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    With the exeption of a couple of rainy afternoons there were more than enough people wanting to play Volleyball in the AM and PM for the last 2 weeks.

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