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    I just read a CSA review on Trip Advisor and am very disappointed! The poster said that DERMON is no longer at CSA!!!! He was the one person we went searching for when we returned last May...just so my sister and brother-in-law could experience "Don't be afraid...All Business!!!" He was a shining star at CSA and made our trips all the better. Dermon just made us smile!!

    I wish him all the best but also hope that by some miracle Dermon will be back at CSA by July when we return!

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    Got back yesterday from CSA. Dermon was one of the last people I said goodbye to before leaving.

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    I know exactly just how difficult it is to return to the resort when someone you knew and admired is no longer there. In the seventeen years that we have been going to CTI, there have been quite a number of staff that were no longer working there.
    One example for us, was "the omelet man" Ulysses Davis. Every morning as we came in for breakfast, his wonderful smile and his infectious laugh made the start of every day just so enjoyable. Through the years, Ullie spent many happy hours with us both at the resort as well as, so many times that we went visiting people and places in Jamaica.
    When he left a few years ago, we were devastated. We never thought that it would be the same without him. And it wasn't. We missed him very much. But as time went on, the empty feelings and disappointment we felt, began to subside. Life goes on. And while there has not been anyone who could replace him, we still managed to enjoy all the memories and good times we shared.
    There have been quite a number of other "staff" that have left, and they too, touched our hearts and filled our days with laughter and enjoyment. It's all part of life, even as painful as it was.
    We have pictures of people that we have loved and that have enriched our lives. We hold those memories close to our hearts and we remember them with much admiration and feel privileged to have known them at all.

    In your case, you have been spared this heartache, at least for the time being. Spiff542 said that Dermon was still there. So look forward to the time when you will return to CSA and you will once again enjoy his company. In the end, that's all we can really hope for.

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    Spiff 542
    That's great news!!! He is a special guy and I look forward to seeing him again and laughing at "All Business!"

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    We were just there the first week in December and made friends with Demar at the sunset beach bar. He mentioned he didn't know how long he would be working there. We were wondering why anyone would want to leave when it seems to be such a good job for the area. We weren't sure if it was our business to be asking him. He said if he hadn't started working there he would be hustling on the streets. I hope he stays.

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    According to Dermons' FB page he is now at another resort in MoBay. So sorry to see him gone from CSA. My wife and I had so many great times with Dermon at the Martini Bar. "Don't Be Afraid" will never be forgotten. He is a talented singer and Mo Bay may be a better fit for his music career. We wish him all the best and will really miss him at CSA!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spiff542 View Post
    Got back yesterday from CSA. Dermon was one of the last people I said goodbye to before leaving.
    Spiff542, sorry to resurrect an old thread, but did Dermon mention anything about being away for a while or leaving soon? Most people seem to think he's gone now. Maybe he came back after a few months away? He was definitely at Secrets Wild Orchid in October of last year as he's shown up in reviews. Thanks in advance - I'm headed down in May, this is why I am asking.

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    All of Dermon's social media accounts still say secrets. I think the poster from december may have confused him with demar.

    Back to CSA in 13 days and i will find out what's up. Others have left and returned, so we can have hope!

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    I talked with Dermon on FB a couple of weeks ago and he is for sure working at another resort in Mo Bay. I will be at CSA in May as well and was really looking forward to seeing him. I am not sure the reason he left but he will be missed. It just wont be the same with out him.

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    Just so you know about Uly...he runs a taxi in Ochi. We met him for lunch last Oct.

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