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    Default what did you wish you would have taken on your trip?

    I know this thread has been done before.. But I can't find it...
    what is your must take with and must take home items?

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    I wish i would have taken less....

    Every trip i bring less and less

    But here is link you are looking for

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    After our last trip I will be packing cold medicine to take with me. My husband and I both ended up getting sick and a bottle of Dayquil cost $26! We went through 2 bottles during the week and a half we were there.

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    This is a list I put together from a lot of the other's posted on here, so there may be some duplicate info. Hope this helps!

    Vacation Packing List

    • Pocket sized wet wipes
    • Small packets of cleaning wipes. Woolite, Shout etc.
    • Waterproof bags for camera, books, cigs etc.
    • Pens in your carryon
    • Ziplock bags various sizes for packing and keeping things dry.
    • 100% deet
    • Underwater camera.
    • Don’t over pack.
    • Save room and weight in luggage for souveniers.
    • Extra hangers if you need more than 10.
    • Old watch for your beach bag for excursions and stuff.
    • Don’t over pack. LOL
    • Beer Koozies, hard plastic cups fit well and stay cold.
    • Battery operated candles with incense for room.
    • Bendable straws.
    • Skintastic bug spray.
    • Flash light for late night walks.
    • OTC drugs, pack in plastic bags.
    • Hydrocortisone cream.
    • Small lense cleaning kit.
    • Conditioner for your hair.
    • Book(s)
    • Sunscreen and lots of it.
    • IPOD and charger.
    • Sunglasses.
    • Lip balm with sunscreen.
    • Beach bag, for your things while on the beach or at pool. Can also use as a carry on.
    • Bubble wrap to protect your alcohol on return
    • Small sound machine for sleeping.
    • Insulated travel mug.
    • Pack shoes in zipper bags that sheet sets come in.
    • Dice cup with dice for playing bar dice., and cards
    • Extra duffle bag in case your luggage is overweight.
    • A gym bag to be used as a safe in the room and with overweight luggage.
    • Batteries.
    • Neoprene bottle carriers for packing alcohol. CVS has them.
    • Power strip.
    • Small binoculars.
    • Small bills for tips outside the resort.
    • Travel fan.
    • Kleenex, resort provides but….
    • Alcohol swabs with benzocaine.
    • Write a daily journal of your experiences.
    • Empty plastic shoe holder to be placed on bathroom door for sundries.
    • A downloaded movie on your IPhone.
    • Small bottle of dish soap.
    • Video recorder.
    • Several swim suits.
    • Bags for dirty clothes.
    • night light.
    • Calling cards
    • Shampoo. AND conditioner
    • Less clothes.
    • Hershey’s chocolate for resort workers.
    • Photo memory, write names in sand, Jamaica and date. Take picture with your shadows of you and palm tree.
    • Noise cancelling headphones for flight.
    • Emergen-C packets
    • Baby Powder
    • Water shoes or socks for excursions.
    • Towel clips.
    • Febreeze.
    • Antacid.
    • Hats.
    • Moisturizer.
    • Travelling scale.
    • Dryer sheets for dryers
    • Cash – small bills.
    • Custom/Immigration form cheat sheets.
    • Extension cord.
    • Put clothes in both pieces of luggage in case one is lost.
    • Camel pack.
    • Bring less stuff.
    • Night light.
    • Glasses, sun and reading.
    • Business cards to share with newly made friends.
    • Go to computer room and invite new friends on facebook.
    • Sandals.
    • School supplies for local schools and resort employee children.
    • Plug in air freshner.
    • Massage oil.
    • Photocopy passports, place in both pieces of luggage.
    • Buy from vendors on resort.
    • Dish washing liquid for mugs.
    • Lanyard for key.
    • First aid kit.
    • Space saver bags for luggage.
    • Tervis cups.
    • Swimsuits in carry on.
    • Aloe.
    • International calling plan.
    • Eyeglass repair kit.
    • Shoes & Sandles are broken in.
    • Chocolate.
    • Snack food.
    • Reggae music.
    • Cover ups.
    • 3M adhesive hooks for room.
    • Less clothing.
    • Small binoculars.
    • Plastic hangers with attached clothespin.
    *. Gatorade powder ( in case of stomach issues)
    . Solo cups for room mini bar
    . Bottle opener, for beer in room
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    Man...look at that list! High maintenance!!

    Why in the world would anyone need to take a traveling scale?!
    Snack foods? You're going to an all inclusive resort, how could you possibly need more food??
    Solo cups? You have glasses in your room!
    Dryer sheets? Really?
    Sound machine for sleeping? Open the door and listen to the ocean!!

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    Pack your suitcases.... and then take out about 1/2 of what you have packed. I did pretty good this last trip. Only brought a few things home that I didn't wear. I brought basics of the other stuff and used: advil, tummy stuff (hubby had a touch of travel tummy), aloe, & bug spray.

    Our Attire
    Daywear: Swimsuit, cover up and flip flops for me.... swim trunks, flip flops and t-shirt for hubby. It seems at CSS (or maybe it was the time that we went), if I hung up my swimsuit and hubby's at night, it was dry by morning. Go figure. So we could have gotten away with just 1-2 but I brought 4 and he brought 3.
    Nightwear: Dress (brought 4 but only wore 3 since I recycled) and one pair of dress sandals that went with all dresses for me... khaki pants (1 pair), polo shirt (3 shirts) and dress shoes (one pair) for hubby

    I did pack a few tank tops and 2 pairs of shorts. Hubby packed more t-shirts as he did scuba in his and 2 pairs of shorts also.
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    bek63, That one heck of a list... No way I would or could take all that.

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    good Grief, I don't know how we survive with carry ons.

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    What about Don't Overpack????

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    We brought clips for the towels on our beach chairs this year and loved them! You can get them at Bed, Bath, Beyond. I also wished I would have brought some laundry detergent for our swimsuits.

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    Wow Bek - that's a LOT of stuff! And 3M Adhesive hooks??

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    Ha-ha....I had cut and pasted MANY lists off the previous threads. . Honestly, hubby and I each take only one carry on.....we have travelled a lot, and have had delayed luggage, and at one US airport a stolen bag, never to be found. It just happened to have all of my nicest winter clothing in it, as we were attending formal social events. That being said, our trip to CTI 2 years ago proved we needed even less than what we had packed. The only thing I may put in a checked bag this year is school supplies, gifts for hotel staff, and sunscreen.

    Isn't all the help on these threads wonderful! I know before our first trip, it really was nice to see the hints and tips that others had shared. 84 days until our return home!
    Becky and Bud, VA, USA
    CTI 6/30 - 7/5/2011
    CTI 7/2 - 7/10/2013

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