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    Default back to reality-ugh

    We just returned back to "reality" from our 4th trip to CSA. In short we had a great time(although there were some issues and observations that we can write more about later). Looking forward to possibly returning in 2014--gotta check the rates and promo's. No worries---Louie and Susie

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    louie, yes, back to the grind. The day after you left, the waves kicked to atleast 3'. I don't think I have ever seen the water like it was. What issues? It sure was good to be back at Swept Away.

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    Well this was our first stay in an atrium suite and we will never choose any other room category again---loved it. It was great to see so many smiling staff faces and have them come up to us and say welcome back before we could even acknowledge them. Service was great as we are on vacation so never really worried about the time.

    We did experience some frustration with receiving the resort credits($300) we were due to to the time of our booking.

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    Part 2--sorry.

    Seems there was no documentation on Couples behalf that showed our booking included the credit. Fortunately I had an email print-out as well as the website printout and our reservations. After showing the conc. staff the paperwork they then tell us they need to call corporate because they have never seen/heard of the promotion. In the end we were given the credit that we rightfully deserved--luckily I (Louie) am very organized and print out and bring all sorts of paperwork. We do wonder how many people never receive the credit they are entitled to.
    Now, we did observe what we believe to be "families" vacationing together (mom/wife and dad/husband with son/son or son/friend and a mom/wife and dad/husband with daughter/daughter or daughter/friend). These groups were not together and we don't know what can be done. Stafff memebers we talked to send the same.
    We did have an awesome time, got to catch up with old employees and made friends with new employees. A friend of ours just bought a bar along the cliffs so we went and checked out his place one afternoon too.
    Spent every day on the beach as we are totally beach/sand people. Any questions ask away and when time allows we will try to post some more.
    We are looking at returning in 2014----------no worries.

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    Last year we had problems getting our early booking credits. I too bring all our paper work so it all got worked out, but still not a good way to start a vacation. Hoping things go a little smoother this year with the early booking credits when we check in, in 48 days.

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    Thanks for the info on the early booking credit. So much to do before we leave, it's a shame we have to bring documentation to show the front desk that we have resort credits per our early booking. I have printed out all of the paper work, but I wanted to spend my time in Negril relaxing, not having to prove what we are entitled to for booking early!
    One Love, Gloria

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