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    Default Room Requests at Checkin CSA

    Our first two trips we were happy with the room that was assigned to us, but this year we want to request a ground floor in buildings on the old side. When we checkin do i ask for specific room numbers? Building numbers (as per map)? Just say "ground floor old section"? What has worked for you?

    Does it hurt to list this on the pre-checkin form?

    If flights are on time i would assume we will be there well in advance of when room is ready. I am hoping this gives us an advantage in a room request at checkin.


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    Pre check in.

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    All you can do is ask at checkin, no guarantees. Don't know if requesting at precheckin would help, I doubt it

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    If you know what you want, be specific and tell them. I would put something general on the pre check-in "ground floor in the older section" and then get more specific once you get there. Good luck and always remember that it never hurts to ask.

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    My experience has been that if they have something that meets your needs when you check in, they will accomodate you. The official policy is first come, first served, and as far as I know they stick to that.

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    Thanks everyone...and yes I am fully aware first come first serve/no guarantees...I was more asking for people that have been successful getting the room they want how they asked for it.

    I'd sleep on the beach (if they let me) and am not picky, but after a few trips we now have a preference.

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    We've always had success in asking for a room location (perhaps not a specific room number, but location has worked). On a couple of visits that has required a 1 night stay in another room not of our choosing, but they've been happy to move us when able. Just be reasonable when you arrive, and you should have no problem getting what you want.

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    I contacted Customer Relations via the Couples site/link. This was for our trip to CSS this past March. I think I sent it either late Jan/early Feb and requested a room in the "A" block and either the 2nd or 3rd floor. They said they would keep my request on file and do their best. But no guarantees. And I knew that but figured it couldn't hurt to ask. Well, we got room A25. "A" block, 3rd floor, corner room. So in our case, our request was granted. And the resort was at capacity.

    We booked our Nov trip to CN right before we left to go to CSS. I came on here after our trip to CSS, to start doing some "CN stalking" research... I found out that Block 9 overlooks the A/N area. That makes my hubby uncomfortable. He said he could live with it, but I'd like for him to enjoy our view as well (we booked Beachfront Suite). So I did the same thing. Send a note via the Couples website to the Customer Relations link. They responded again that they would keep my request on file and do their best to accommodate us... but no guarantees. Which I perfectly understand. I did give them the reason for the request. I told them any building but #9 would be fine. But if I could put in a preference, I wanted Building #6, 1st floor. Our trip isn't for several months so we will see if our request is granted when we get there. If it's not, it's okay.

    So you can contact them ahead of time. But again, nothing is guaranteed. I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.
    Linda & Nick
    CSA - Oct 2004 (for our wedding!!!)
    CN - March 2006, Nov 2013
    CSS - March 2013

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    If your in Building 9 at the end close to building 8, you have no view, at least from the ground floor and I would not think much of a view from the upper floors, but I could be wrong about the upper floor views, we were on the ground.

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