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    Default School supplies, etc. for CSA

    I read some posts about giving some school supplies to workers etc. as gifts. Does any know of what kind of supplies they need, as is this kinda like a "tip" to maid service etc.? We would love to bring a few things along.

    We also plan on bringing little chocolates etc. for housekeeping. Any other suggestions.



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    They can use any kind of school suppiles you can think of (crayons, pencils, pens, notepads, coloring books, books, gluesticks, etc.). In fact, if you're wanting to provide school supplies as we did a couple years ago, contact the resort directly. Each Couples Resort supports a local school and can put you in contact with that school which can tell you what kind of supplies they're needing based on their curriculum. If you really want a blessing...bring the supplies and go out and visit the school. You won't find more appreciating kids and that will be the real highlight of your stay in Jamaica. Mount Airy School was the school CSA supported then.

    We've given the housekeeping staff scented candles, hand/body lotions in addition to chocolates. Be sure to include a note/card to them so they don't get in trouble for "taking" your gift.

    Have a great stay at CSA!

    Bart & Bug

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    Thanks for the info.

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    No problem, mon.

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    A few years back CSA took us over. We packed a suitcase full of supplies. (leaving us an empty one for coffee, trinkets, clothes, etc.) Everyone went bonkers. The kids were simply awesome. We treasure those memories. Now with the airlines charging you extra for bringing anything short of a pencil on board, I'm not sure how we are going to work this out come Sept. for our next visit. (we are flying spirit, and I think I had heard they are now charging for a carry on...hopefully that's only for domestic flights...Regardless - take a few hours out of your vaca for a really rewarding experience - you shall not regret it.

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