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    Default More detailed map of CSA?

    When you use the map at the website it doesn't show what many of the accommodation buildings are. If we want to try and request a specific building/room, we would need to be able to tell them which one I guess.

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    I'm happy to share the CSA map with room types -

    It's also below, but type is small due to posting restrictions.
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    What are the "best" buildings for Garden Verandah Suites? I'm thinking I will prefer a 3rd floor room, and I'm less concerned with having a (sliver of a) view of the ocean than being away from road noise or loud evening noise (bars, restaurants).

    Can anyone recommend a building or two to request?

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    If you are towards the middle of the resort then you aren't by any restaurants and bars. Not sure which ones would be furthest from the road. Maybe look at the map above and it will help you decide. And definitely go for the 3rd floor if you want privacy.

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    We prefer ground floor for several reasons.

    Walk out of back door and strait to beach, instead of having to go around buildings.
    Breakfast delivered to verandah, no need to have to wake up and let them in.
    The growing vegetation gives tropical feel, privacy, and blocks road noise.

    We also prefer old section, because we like that section of beach, and being close to seagrapes and martini bar.

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    Jennay, you want to be in the middle of the resort, but I am not certain which ones are the rooms you want. I will tell you that you will not hear any noise, from the Piano Bar/Night club at the resort. It is really gets pretty quiet after the entertainment is completed. The only noise I heard, was from a resort that was down the beach and their speakers Bass notes sounded like a cannon going off. Only heard that 2 nights. We stayed in a Beach Front Verandah and was not bothered by any noise other then that.

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    thanks Amy for all of your information you sent me!!!

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    You can't request a specific room. Or building. Well... you CAN request it, but you're placed by room TYPE booked. Don't know that there's a bad area at CSA, though! Enjoy your stay!

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