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    Default Beer in a Can at CN

    Can anyone tell me what beer you can get in a can at CN to put in a soft cooler for the beach? The past 2 years we were able to get Miller Lite but I think I am seeing on the blog that Miller Lite is no longer offered. I need to know what to expect in 41 days when I arrive.

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    Surely there is someone out there who has been to CN recently that might be able to help me out here. I was so looking forward to my beach time and beer on the beach when we arrive on May 17th. I just don't see draft beer in a cup or glass working out.

    Thanks to anyone who might be able to help me.

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    Red Stripe is the only beer in tins. It is stocked in your minibar fridge.

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    Since when has RS been stocked in the minibar?? I was there in october of 12 and it was awful carib.

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    since January or February. RS in minibars at all sites! I will be popping one open on Sat.!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woodbridgeata View Post
    since January or February. RS in minibars at all sites! I will be popping one open on Sat.!
    Us too tomorrow at CN, pretty excited about the Red Stripe in the Mini bars, never did care for Caribe.

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    I had bottles in my mini bar last month not cans!

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    I would love to know the correct answer to this question! Were not going for another 136 days so msbeachbum22, if you could let me know when you get back I would appreciate it!

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    Barry is right, red stripe in the bottles only (which is awesome). We just got back in March and this has to be the best thing added since last year. Call with your order while you are getting ready and they were always there within ten minutes.

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    As of this morning, we are 29 days away from heading to CN. I will post info on beer availibity after my trip. The past 2 yrs it had been great to ice down some Miller Lite in cans to have on the beach. I am not real keen on carrying Red Stripe in bottles to the beach, but if that is my only option that will be my plan. Can hardly wait to get there, get my chair and have my first beer on that fabulous beach.

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    We just retuned this morning from Couples Negril. I didn't see any cans, only bottles or draft. Best thing to do is bring a coozie (cup fits perfectly), or an insulated cup to keep it nice and cold! Best vacation ever. We can't wait wait to go back! Have fun!!

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    Well I am back to report on my beer posting. You can get Red Stripe draft and Red Stripe Lite draft at the bars. You can order Red Stripe in returnable bottles to your room. I was persistant and finally had them delivering 6 at a time to my room, but you have to be in your room for the delivery. Not the optimum means of getting my beer to ice down but I made the best of it.

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    I too was ordering 6 at a time! No Problem Mon!

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