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    Default Couples Barbados food options

    It looks like there will be only 3 restaurant options at Couples Barbados. Does anyone know if there will be room service included, and if so, will it be 24 hours or limited times? How about late a night grill for burgers after a long evening of beverages? Thanks in advance for any replies.

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    My understanding and I hope I'm right is there will be three restaurants plus the addition of a beach grill. My husband and I are visiting in September and I'm really hoping I'm right about that because only three restaurants would kind of be boring. We went to Couples Negril and thought that the number of restaurant choices was perfect. They had 3 restaurants and a beach grill that turned into a fourth sit down restaurant at night.

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    We are visiting CB June 15th - I'll post a review on the main board when we get back :-)
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