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    We are planning a trip to Jamaica July 8-12. We are pretty set on staying in Negril (although we aren't crazy about the bus ride from Mo bay after flying 3.5 hours lol) with an outside chance we will change our mind and stay in Mo Bay. This trip is for my 40th birthday.

    We have been to Jamaica only one other time and that was for our honeymoon 13 years ago. Stayed at Sandals Dunns River Falls and loved it.

    I really like what couples has to offer. The price is fantastic and I love all the activities. My only hesitation is with the food...

    While my husband will eat just about anything I'm a pretty picky eater. I pretty much only eat steak, ham, pork chops, Italian foods (pastas, lasagna s etc) and some chicken. No seafood whatsoever. I like basic salads, ham sandwiches, burgers fries, and many breakfast items along with fruits and veggies. I've looked over the website menus and have been turned off by many of the items (goat cheese, feta cheese, curry just to name a few things). We definitely don't want to eat buffet style every night...will there be enough to satisfy my pickiness? I just don't want to book the resort, get there, and have to eat at the same restaurant each night because I don't like what the others are serving. I won't eat Thai or Pan Asian food. I guess I just have a very basic palate. I'm also diabetic so I have to watch alot of what I eat to begin with so that makes it even more difficult.

    If you can give me any ideas of what the restaurants may have to offer that I could eat I would definitely appreciate the input. We are hoping to get our resort booked in the next few days.


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    The beach grill has a lot of really basic foods for both lunch and dinner! They have burgers, jerk chicken, grilled fish, fries, and soups. At dinner they typically have fish, beef, and a few simple pasta dishes. The buffet is good and has a little bit of everything. Lychee might be the restaurant you should stay away from because it's a little more asian inspired. I think you will enjoy the formal restaurant because they typically have a nice beef and potato dish on the menu.

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    Hello, I too and pretty picky too and eat no seafood at all and really prefer pasta over anything else, but I'm in Jamaica...and you would be surprised at how good the pasta meals are there. Though many prefer Lychee, we ate there the first year and didn't care for what we got, so we don't go back. We also only eat at Othaheite one time, so we go back and forth between Heliconia and Casava for Dinner. Sometimes we do the buffet at Casava, sometimes not. This will be our 5th trip back in November and finding food is not an issue. Finding room in the clothes I came in can be, becasue there is SO much good food all the time.

    Take it from a picky eater, you will find PLENTY and will love it. Don't worry, go and enjoy. The menus only show a sample of what they have. There is MUCH more available.

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    you can call the resort directly and work with the chef with your dietary needs, especially if you are a diabetic.

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    We thought the same thing 6 stays ago. What will we eat. I can tell you the food is. Fantastic If you do not see something you like or there is an ingredient you do not like ask for something They will prepare any thing you request My husband is very picky. We are returning for the 7th time this April

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    I think you will love all the food choices at CN. There is something for everyone and don't weed out Lychee just yet. My husband said he did not care for Thai or Asian food but he and I both loved that restaurant. In fact, we kept going back. They had a fabulous spare rib and a very tasty appetizer sampler platter. For lunch, the buffet has everything with made fresh to order salads. Fish tacos are awesome. I can't wait to go back just thinking about the great food!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Small1029 View Post
    ". . . [W]e aren't crazy about the bus ride from Mo bay after flying 3.5 hours . . . .
    TimAir Limited

    Fly from MoBay to Negril. The flight takes less than 15 minutes. When we fly out of LGA at 6 am and then fly on Tim Air upon landing, we're at CN early enough for breakfast.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pamela View Post
    TimAir Limited

    Fly from MoBay to Negril. The flight takes less than 15 minutes. When we fly out of LGA at 6 am and then fly on Tim Air upon landing, we're at CN early enough for breakfast.
    WOW!! Now THAT is a good time. I was actually thinking about our travel time this past trip. Had a 2.5 hour drive to Minneapolis, 1.25 hour flight to Chicago. Overnighted in Chicago. 4 hour flight from Chicago to Montego Bay. 1.75 hour drive to Sans Souci. Total time from when we left to when we arrived in SS, about 23 hours.

    374 days and counting to our return trip to Negril/Sans Souci!!!!

    PS, sorry to change the subject from the original food question. but the food is also FANTASTIC. my wife hates all seafood except for tuna salad sandwiches, and by the end of the trip, she was eating lobster the shrimp spring rolls and other seafood items (next year I am going to work with her on goat, conch, and escargot)

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    Thanks so much for all of your responses!! I appreciate the input!

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