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    Default Floyd's Pelican Bar

    Can someone enlighten me about this little excursion?

    How do I go about booking it? I understand its not through the resort.
    How much is it??

    Also, I know the parasailing is not through the resort and to my understanding it seems pretty safe. I've only heard of good experiences and would love to try it, can anyone recommend a specific company?

    Thank you!

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    For parasailing, there aren't specific companies - just guys on the beach with a boat and a parasail so you go with the one who negotiates the best rate.

    For Floyd's you can actually book this through the tour desk at the resort. You will need a driver and a boat captain (the bar is a mile out in the water). It's very primitive (just a bar, cooler, beer and fish - no bathroom, no entertainment) and some think a long way to go for beer and a lobster, but others think it's fun and totally worth it. You can also get beer and a lobster at the Office of Nature, which is within walking distance from CN on Bloody Bay.

    I'm happy to share the website for Floyds (you can also Google it) - I'd post but I don't think we are allowed to mention specific tour folks on the MB. (happy to share pics too).
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    We made the trip out to Floyds in 2011 and it was a great time! I actually put a group of people together right here through the message board. There was 5 couples and we just found a driver and he set up the boat ride for us. Had the time of our lives!! Definitely a trip to remember. We still keep in touch with the other couples we went with. Its very rustic out there but it was good food and cold beer. You wont find a more unique bar on the planet. I think we paid around 30 a couple for the ride there and back and the boat trip. We stopped at Ricks on the way back for a couple more beers. We probably spent another 50 at the bar for beer and food. Well worth it!

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    Like Amy said. I would add that if you include something like YS Falls, Mayfield Falls, Black River or the Appeton Estate with your trip to the Pelican Bar you can make a day of it. I used Joe Cool Taxi for a YS/Pelican day trip. For three of us it was US$150. Plus an additional US$10/person for the boat out to the bar. Plus paid for drinks, obviously. Joe will call ahead if you want to eat at the Pelican Bar, but don't expect a menu. Again, Like Amy said, "primitive". We also paid for Joe's lunch when we all stopped at a roadside stand for some food. Joe was great. The day trip was great. I do recommend him.

    There are many drivers available if you research it. Here's a list of some of them from a Trip Advisor thread.

    Private drivers/taxis in the Whitehouse and Negril area. - Whitehouse Forum - TripAdvisor
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    Floyd's is worth the trip. Yes, it's a long day, but lots to see and a fun day. Get yourself a good driver, who can show you a lot of places along the way. Got to meet Floyd himself, had a few cold Stripes, and Frey carved our name in the wood. The boys were working on the bar so no fishing that day. Glad we did the trip, have lots of great pictures and great memories.

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