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    Default building numbers at Couples Negril

    When you are looking at the map, how are the buildings numbered? It does not show the numbers of the buildings.
    can anyone help

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    Looking at the map with with ocean on the bottom the buildings on the left are 5 to 1 with 1 being closest to the center. Buildings 6 - 9 are on the right with building 6 being closest to the center. Hope that helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by erob View Post
    When you are looking at the map, how are the buildings numbered? It does not show the numbers of the buildings.
    can anyone help
    I'm pretty sure if you're standing on the beach, looking at the resort, it's 1-9, left to right.
    Emily & Chuck
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    I have a map with the room numbers, but I don't think it's the same for the room numbers. Happy to share -

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    Ah I was wrong... sorry!
    Emily & Chuck
    CN - April 9-14, 2013

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    Thanks everybody for the helpful information.
    Amy the map is perfect !!!!! thank you

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    Amy's map has the correct numbers on the buildings. The first digit of the room number is the building number, the second digit is the floor number and the last two digits are the room number. Room 6204 is on the second floor of building 6.
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    We are in Bldg. 5 in December. Does anyone know what the water is in front of the building, pond? pool? It looks like a pool to me but it does not get highlighted on the couples website. Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prattski View Post
    We are in Bldg. 5 in December . . .
    How do you know in what building your room will be? Rooms are assigned on the day of arrival, and advanced requests for particular buildings, floors, and rooms are no longer accepted. You select a room category, but the rest will depend upon what's available when you arrive at the resort.
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    There is a smaller pool there that is used by the dive shop for training, but others can use it as well when they are not. There is also a hot tub. You are very close to the water sports area, and that a favorite building location from us. At least in February, never been there in December.

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    Thanks for the replies. I am wondering if thats the hot tub everyone is complaining about with the noise at night. I hope not.

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    koi ponds by the spa by Bldg 5

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    prattski - believe so as the hot tub by the dive pool is off the main pathway and has foilage around - quite a bit more secluded than the main pool hot tub

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    Well, that stinks I hope the resort has put a stop to that from happening by the time we go.

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    Just wondering, How do you know you are in Building 5? They don't let you book a building or a room.

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    Just going by what our travel agent told us.

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