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    Default Tell me WHY you and I keep returning to a Couples Resort......Hugs from Tommywommy

    Precious and I return for several reasons.

    The employees of the resort are outstanding..They actually DO remember you.

    More bang for the buck..Dollar for dollar the Couples Resorts offers us more for our money.

    The guests of Couples..The guests of the Couples Resorts just have to be the greatest tourists in the world.

    The Couples Resorts message board...The info we need when we need it.

    I am sure I will think of more later but now it's your turn.

    GO.RELAX.ENJOy The Couples Resort and have a Salty Dog for me..Ruff Ruff

    Hugs from Tommywommy of 10 0 C

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    We keep going back since it really is like going home. As you mentioned the staff remember you which makes it really nice. At CSS they call my husband Crash from an accident he had running for the snorkel boat. Also there is something to be said for the comfort level you find when you arrive at a resort and know where everything is and what your expectations should be. (very high in Couple's case) But most of all we got married at CSS and we go back to Couple's every year for our anniversary. I can't think of a better way of celebrating it! This year we're going back to CN just for a change and we've been there 3 times before. 8 more sleeps till we're back in heaven.

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    Hi Tommywommy!!!

    Great post!

    The reason we continue to return to Couples Resorts is all what you mentioned!

    Plus, it is just a great vacation to get away from the everyday life & just sit back and enjoy.

    One can have an active vacation at Couples......or just set back and enjoy the view!

    We are so looking forward to returning to CSA next week!!!

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    The strangers we met at The Couples Resorts,laughed with,hugged and became life long dear friends keep convincing us to join the again and again at a Couples Resort...It does NOT take much arm twisting to get Precious and I to say YES.

    GO.RELAX.ENJOY a Couples resort and have a Salty Dog for me..Ruff Ruff

    Hugs from Tommywommy of 10 0 C

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    TW, there must be something to this...after we swore we would not go back, because of financial restraints now that Dave is retired, we caved and booked CTI this Dec.!!!! Last year we did skip it and it felt empty....something missing. Someone missing. Lots of someones. Now, we could go to a different resort, closer to home or perhaps cheaper, but knowing what we expect at Couples and what they deliver, is priceless!

    In 2011, we had our trip booked for over a year, then canceled a few months before departure. Well, the Sunday of the week that was supposed to have been, I got so upset and crazy with that sense of loss, that my darling husband agreed to drop everything and we left last minute for 4 days!! Tears were shed, and they worked!! Our peeps already at the resort were surprised when we showed up and we loved doing that! I think the whole resort heard the squeals and shrieks!

    I think the reason we return is that feeling of "specialness" we felt the first time and every time after. It always comes down to that.

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    We keep on coming back to CN because the resort has everything we love.

    All inclusive means all inclusive - including everything with no restrictions. No need to wear a wrist band. Small enough resort to meet other couples. Employees are the best we have found at any resort. Service is outstanding....

    The price if you book early like us with no increase over the years, makes it affortable for us. Just Paradise !!!!!

    Four more days and we will be in Paradise.....

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    We keep going back many of the same reasons listed by all the folks above. Top notch food whenever you want it. Sunny days, peaceful nights. Tree frogs singing, waves in harmony. Ahhhhh. However Tommy, you can keep that Salty Dog, give me a Jamaican Delight!

    CSA 12/13

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    Hi Tommywommy! What an excellent question! We just booked our 9th trip to Couples and it can't get here fast enough. We've been to CSA 7 (soon to be 8) times and CSS 1 time. We love Couples for so many reasons....the lovely staff, the awesome guests we meet and make friends with, the incredible food, the beautiful beaches, the many inclusions, and the consistency of our experience each and every time. We go on vacation to detox from reality and what better place that Couples. I know what to expect, I get what I expect, and I can TRULY relax and enjoy my time in home away from home

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    The Couples Resorts have become a normal daily talking subject between us and our friends..We are always teling people WHY they should visit a Couples resort...Some listen,visit a Couples resort and are very pleased..Others listen,stay with other resorts and complain to us about their trips...I have not ever heard anyone call a resort HOME except the guests of Couples calling their Couples resort HOME....Most of the guests of Couples bond together back in the states..We have Couples' PAR TAs thru out the USA.

    CN.Couples Negril...April 13-21,2013....With a Trading Places Day over to CSA on the 15th....Life is good.

    Hugs from Tommywommy of 10 0 C
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    Hey Tommy,

    We only found Couples 3 years ago and immediately got hooked. Within a couple month, we had trip 2 AND 3 booked. We couldn't wait to get back "home".
    For us, it's a few things.
    First and foremost, the staff. They are the shining jewel that makes Couples sparkle brighter than anywhere we have ever been. They truly care about our comfort, our needs, our desires. There is not a group of people more dedicated to their guests anywhere.
    Secondly, the resorts them selves. They are such a joy. To me they seem alive themselves, and welcome you with open arms as if they are also happy to have you there. There is no hoity toity, stuffiness to them. They are old world charm that welcomes all through it's doors, and certainly allows us to relax and enjoy our time.
    Thirdly, and it is the thing that has gotten to us, is the ambiance. It,s hard to describe, but it welcomes you, makes you feel at peace, at ease, truly able to soak up the wonderful feelings you get when there. It's like you feel at home. Able to let your hair down and enjoy the moment.
    We have been twice, which I guess still makes us newbies. For us it's CSS. The only Couples we have been to and fell in love with from the moment we arrived. It called to us, and still does.
    Trip number 3 coming up in October. We will ache every moment until then....

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    Hubby and I love Couples CSS because it is truly the place where we both truly relax, the staff remembers us, and we have made wonderful friends that we meet up with each year. We have trip #7 or #8, can't remember which, planned for July 2013, and have 2 trips planned for 2014! We are going to give CN a try and then home to CSS! Life is good! Great thread Tommy!

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    Once every 18-24 we need a week away where we know what to expect. We don't take every vacation to Jamaica, but time is precious and money doesn't come free. We know exactly what the cost/benefit ratio is at Couples and as long as that doesn't change we will continue to return.

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