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    Default Taxi to sans souci


    We are going to CSS in august (17 to 24 )

    I am wondering if getting a private taxi would be better than the bus, just in the idea that we would get to couples quicker... Can you let me know if you would prefer the couples bus .... Or hiring a cab???????? We are signed up for the club mobay, so i guess that is a sign of how much we are looking forward to a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks !

    P.S. it seems like canadians are the only people addicted to exclamation marks !!!!!!!!!

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    I honestly dont think it will save you that much time for the cost. If you decide to take a cab we have used Clives Transport numerous times and can be set up in advance safely on the internet

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    Save your money and take the bus. At the most you are going to save about 10 minutes by taking a cab and probably drop a couple hundred bucks. Plus a bus is a safer way to travel, and as all travelers who have been to Jamaica know, this is a real consideration there.

    Enjoy planning your trip, we arrive at CSS on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    We hire a private taxi. It gets you out of the airport that much sooner, and you can make whatever stops you want, or go straight through. Normally, it's a stop at Scotchies for Jerk Chicken for us. Expect to pay around $130 US for the ride. If you get a good driver (I can recommend one if you like) you get a nice private tour of the island on the trip as well. Considering how little we spend when actually at the resort, its an easy price to pay.

    Scott and June

    P.S. !!!!!!!!!

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    Hi! Taking the cab would be a waste of your money....your cab would use the same roads and route as the free Couples Shuttle, so you would get to resort at about the same time. I know some people worry about having to stop along the way because other guests would like to stop for a drink or a bathroom break. We have been fortunate on each of our trips that we have been able to convince everyone not to stop and get to the resort as quickly as possible. Why would I want to stop along the road and pay for a drink when I can just get to the resort and have all the drinks I want for FREE???????? Seems like a no brainer to me!:-) Hubby and I have trip #7 back to CSS in July!

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    I bet a cab wouldn't get you there any faster and would cost a small fortune to css. You have already paid for the bus transfer anyway. When we went to css, we had a private transfer in a car as we must have been the only ones going that way at the time so you never know. I wouldn't waste the money.

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    Is there a benefit to Club MoBay on arrival? Just wondering. Is there a difference to going to the Couples Lounge for a quick free beer before you head out on your way? Not knocking it, just curious as we have never done Club MoBay. We. Just came back and we maybe waited 15 minutes at Couples Lounge before leaving for CSS. CSS was amazing, can't wait to go back.

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    I agree, don't waste your money, we have never stopped as everyone has always wanted to get there ASAP, also if there is only 2 as it has been for us , it is a taxi anyway. Even on a mini bus it is good to meet who you are going to see at CSS and you also know people before you get there. Back in September for our 6th visit and hopefully not our last !!!

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    If you want a private transfer for two the cost is 60$ us each way

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    LindaBrian - Hi there! We are just down the 401 from you in Kingston! We're heading to CSS for our 8th trip tomorrow morning, and can't wait to get "back home" and see all of the wonderful staff!

    In our 7 previous trips to Sans Souci, the most we have ever waited in the Couples Lounge before getting into a van would be 10 minutes, the vans have been small, with only another 3 or 4 couples, and we've always been able to drive straight through, without stopping. Taking a private taxi would be just throwing money away, in our opinion.

    You are in for one of the best vacations you have ever had when your van pulls up to the lobby at Couples Sans Souci!!

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    We prefer to arrange for private transfers from the airport to the resort (we do take the shuttle bus back to the airport though). We used to take the shuttle bus but we realized that we just prefer to have control over our own schedule. By the time we arrive at MBJ airport we have had a VERY early and very long travel day, and by that point we don't want to have to wait anywhere, we just want to get there. Before, we always felt like we were wasting time waiting at the airport lounge for the shuttle bus (the shortest amount of time we ever had to wait for the shuttle bus was 15 minutes, but it was usually more like 30 minutes). And, if you end up on a large bus it takes time to get everybody and their luggage loaded onto the bus. Plus, we don't want to stop on the way, but unfortunately we always got stuck on a bus with people who want to stop for the bathroom & drinks, which sometimes wastes another 1/2 hour by the time eveybody does want they want to do and then gets herded back onto the bus. And then there were 2 times when we were loaded onto the bus and left the airport, only to have the driver get a call and then turn around and drive back to the airport to pick somebody else up (in 1 case it was other guests, but the other time it was some random friend of the driver).

    So, other people's experiences may vary, but in our case when using a private transfer we have always arrived much more quickly than the shuttle bus. Last year we arrived at Couples Negril more than an hour before the people on our flight showed up on the shuttle bus (we checked into our room, partially unpacked, changed into our swimsuits, wandered down to the beach to say hello to the guys at watersports, went to lunch, and then were at Guest Services making dinner reservations by the time they arrived). We arrange for a transfer ahead of time so there is no time waiting at the airport - they are waiting for us at the door when we walk out of arrivals and we immediately get in the car and go. Price from the airport to CSS is $86 and from the airport to CN is $75.

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    We have been to Couples 6 times so far and never waited more than 15-20 minutes for the bus. In fact the last couple times I almost did not have time to change into shorts and sandals! I would not waste the money. The bus travels at the speed limits just like the cab would. The drivers often point things out and answer questions you may have as well. Make sure you have $1 per bag to give to the baggage handlers at the airport when they take your bags to the bus. While waiting you are in the Couples Lounge with water, soda, and Red Stripe available at no extra charge. Relax, unwind, don't are in Jamaica mon. Slow down.......

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    Ditto to everyone else - a smaller car won't get you there much quicker. However, you can take the charter flight which will get you there in under 20 minutes (happy to share info as we have done this -

    The buses are nice - seat 10-12 people (aren't large tour buses), plus it's a great way to see the island and meet other guests who will be there the same time as you.
    Amy Welch...Woooohoooo!!
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    Hi All - thank you very much for the information about the taxi and the buses ( now you have us thinking about that charter flight in 20 minutes ..... now that's a whole new idea !!!! )

    For the post also about the Club Mobay - we booked that after reading a few of the people on this board who said they were happy with the service - it is a little bit more money ( it's 160 for 2 ppl. for arrival / departure ) but we figured if it meant no line up at customs it was worth it. In January we had flown back to T.O. from Cuba and waited forever in customs so this seemed like a good bypass in Jamaica.

    Thanks again !

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    Karen! I hope you and Paul have a wonderful trip! Say hello to everyone and SSB for us!!!! Can't wait for July!!!

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    I for one enjoy stopping on the way to the resort. It is a nice way to start the vacation by enjoying some of the local establishments. For us to spend $6 on two bottled red stripes is no big deal and it puts some $ into a poor community. I sure hope no one on the bus gets crabby with us for wanting to stop for a quick break.

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    We've always done the bus and never waited longer than 15m. And it's free.

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    Hi there ! I'm sorry I don't think my reply worked from yesterday - but I'll try again ! Just wanted to say thank you for the information and also that the idea of taking a plane puts a whole new spin on getting there from Montego Bay airport !


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    I enjoy taking the bus. We get to meet others on the way to the resort and I have to admit that I like to stop halfway there to get a tasty beverage. Last time we stopped at a really nice ocean side bar. Had a couple beers and off we went. Ok, I got to run now cause I need to finish packing my clothes cause we are leaving Saturday morning for CSS.

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    I agree with the poster concerning the stops along the way to the resort... we prefer to GET THERE ASAP.. and always keep our fingers crossed that nobody wants to stop. We don't want to pay for drinks on the way when we can get them for free at the resort, plus get there quicker. And anytime we've had to stop for people who wanted to buy a drink, it wasn't 30 min and they needed to stop AGAIN for a restroom break... delaying even more our arrival to the resort. Just a small peeve of ours, doesn't ruin anything, just is slightly irritating to have to wait for people when we just want to get to the resort. If they want to do these stops, then they can do so AFTER arriving at the resort, set up their private excursions to take their time and really enjoy what they want to see. That way they are doing it on their OWN time and not other guests who prefer to just get to the resort asap. Last time the driver took a vote and fortunately we all voted to keep going!

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    I get a taxi as part of the holiday deal included..... I just hope he drives with caution, having watched other cabs last year. We were at Couples Negril and used the bus and it was lovely to join in the laughter and fun that we were really in Jamaica and on the way to our resort. I guess that after a 10 hour flight and early morning start, I did not like the half way stop as I was shattered...This time I will pray angels around the taxi for a great trip to and from Couples Sans Souci..... 29 days to go.... Yipeeeeee.... Eva ......Omm..

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    We have been lucky in never having to stop on the way for drinks and then restroom breaks. Once on a trip from CSS to the airport, we did have to make a stop for a young lady. I am sure it was unavoidable and she was very imbarassed at having the bus wait for her. The driver onthe way to the resorts usally asks for a vote into stopping or not. The "NO's " have always won out.

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    Thanks for the replies ! We are at a crossroads as to taking a taxi or not !!! One of us wants to, the other person doesn't.... I guess one of us will have to compromise !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zazu View Post
    We have been lucky in never having to stop on the way for drinks and then restroom breaks. Once on a trip from CSS to the airport, we did have to make a stop for a young lady. I am sure it was unavoidable and she was very imbarassed at having the bus wait for her. The driver onthe way to the resorts usally asks for a vote into stopping or not. The "NO's " have always won out.
    This is exactly why we started taking a car. Who wants to feel like an "EMbarassed" minority in a group? Great way to kick off a trip, right?

    We like stopping at a couple of Jerk Centres for a beer and some authentic eats, and would rather not be subjected to a vote on the matter.

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