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    THis si our second trip to CSS but I cant remember if the rooms have a iron and a board? Also, do they have the small bottles of shampoo and conditioner?

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    I know the rooms all have an iron and ironing board because I always have to iron my husband's Hawaiian shirts! However, if I recall correctly, they had shampoo, body wash and lotion - but it was in a dispenser mounted on the wall in the shower and bathroom. Plus there was no longer any aloe vera given complimentary (which I loved and truly missed having).

    Can someone tell me if this is still the case? I'll be back there next month and need to buy some aloe to bring along, if so. Also, what is the water situation - is there bottled water or did they change to providing a container to fill your own water like CTI did? Or do you just have the little cups for water? If so, then I'll bring my own water bottle to fill because I drink a lot of water daily.


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    Yes I do remember seeing an iron, but I have always taken the Downy Wrinkle Reducer (they come in travel size spray bottles) to get any wrinkles out.

    They have shampoo, but it is in a wall dispenser... very cool. No conditioner... bring your own and lots of it!

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    Yes the rooms have an iron and board. The shampoo is actually in a dispenser in the shower.

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    There is an iron and board, but the shampoo and body wash (no conditioner - its a "conditioning shampoo") are in large bottles attached to the shower wall. I personally brought my own because I'm not a huge fan of them.
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    Yes to iron and ironing board ... can't answer conditioner but our rooms have historically had shampoo pump in the shower area. (G12A)

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    I can't remember about the iron, I think there is one there.

    Yes, there is shampoo and conditioner in the bathroom.

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    Yes they have an iron and board. We brought our own but i believe they do have small bottles of shampoo and conditioner, but I'm not positive. Maybe somone else can confirm this for you.

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    Not sure about the iron & ironing board as I didn't look for one. But in the One Bedroom Beachfront Suite we were in, there was a shampoo/conditioner combo available in the shower. It was a bottle that was bolted to the wall. As well as having body soap. I didn't use the S/C combo as I brought small bottles of my own. But we did use their body soap which was nice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jackmaddox View Post
    THis si our second trip to CSS but I cant remember if the rooms have a iron and a board? Also, do they have the small bottles of shampoo and conditioner?
    As of last year, they didn't have conditioner. They had soap and shampoo but I always forget to bring conditioner and my hear is always crazy tangled from the sun and salt.

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