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    Default What would entice you to book again b4 departing the resort?

    I so often see many people on this message board wishing they were back at the resort and wanting to book their next trip to Couples soon after they get home.

    I think it would entice many people to book their next stay before leaving the resort, whether first timers or repeat repeaters, if there was an incentive of extra romance rewards ($50-$75) for their next trip in addition to any promotion if a Loveaway plan was used (Couples gets to earn several months worth of interest). Sometimes when you get home and you are faced with the realities of bills and commitments it makes it tougher to allocate money for another trip several months away. This type of incentive may increase the number of repeaters as they are enticed a little more to book when they are still in the state of euphoria at the resort from the excellent service, food and quality time spent with their significant other.

    Those of you that are traveling to Couples between now and April 24th (expiry of the 2013 Early Escapes) would you take advantage of this type of promo? We, as cautious Fence-Sitters, would likely take the plunge!

    I know Randymon...wishful thinking but I thought it was an interesting idea if it is feasible and you are looking to boost the bookings a little more at the end of the promotion.

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    Sounds good.....but we actually have our return trip booked before we leave for the current trip. So right now, my 2013 trip isn't until April 25, but I already booked June 2014.
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    I'm with Amy on this one.... The only thing better than having a countdown, as painful as it is, is having TWO countdowns!!! The wifey will be back tomorrow from her cruise and we will look at booking 2014. Only 175 day till paradise and leaving the resort is made much easier when you already know when you will be returning.

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    I think that's a fabulous idea!!! My husband just asked me last night if there was an incentive for booking while there. I think they'd find they'd get even more repeaters.

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    Couples resort doesn't have to try to entice you. Once you go, you know you will be back.

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    We book when the new rates come out for the next year with some of the best incentives of the year in February or March, right after we return from our January or February trip. So, the only reason we book right after we return, is because we return just before the next year's rates are announced. And, you don't see many Wednesday specials for the Negril resorts for travel during our months (January and February).
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    For us it would be a good experience. A financial incentive is nice, but if you have a great experience that is better. We booked in advance for Sans Souci (Because of early booking), but didn't like some aspects of the resort. We provided feedback and returned in December with no real change. Since we were already booked for this year before we had ever been there, we are still returning this spring. We are now booked for our 2014 vacation and decided that CSS didn't quite measure up (For us) so we booked CSA instead. Even a few hundred dollars incentive wouldn't have made the difference.

    On the other hand, the first time we visited CN we had such a wonderful experience that we decided to return before we had even left. We have returned every year since.

    The thing is, we can provide all the feedback and complain all we want, but nothing will change as long as they continue to fill the place. We get that! It's simple supply and demand. We have a choice to either put up with what we don't like or move on, which we are doing.

    We haven't had good experiences with the buffets at CSS and it really seems silly to go to a resort and eat in your room. The perplexing thing is that the manager maintains that they get so much positive feedback about the buffets while the people we talk to feel the same way as us. go figure.

    The calendar works against us as the early booking is over by the time we know whether we've had a good vacation.

    Oh yeah. 10 more day to CSS then another week to go home to CN. Woot, woot!

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    I totally agree with Amy! Our 2013 trip is booked for July and we've already booked 2 trips for 2014! I'm doing my happy dance!:-)

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    A very interesting concept. We met some very nice people on our recent trip to CSS (8th Visit). My wife and a couple other wives spent part of the afternoon by the main pool and an iPad reviewing upcoming travel options to any of the now 5 Couples Resorts.
    I had indicated an existing guest policy (either on-line with RR number or at special kiosk) where current guests would be further enticed to book another trip while still at the resort (up to check out time).
    We will likley be booking our next Couples trip within the next few days (Barbados 2013?) but there would have been an increased chance of booking with new friends if incentive was there while still at the resort.
    Like the idea of additional credit (easier financial model for Couples) or additional discount bonus for booking while at a resort. Great way to continue the fun we were all already experiencing.
    This is not a big deal, however it is ironic that upon our return others were already discussing something that a group of us were talking about while on our vacation.

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    I definitely think there should be an incentive to book your next trip while you are at the resort ..... Unlike so many others, we never book more than a year ahead but would book while there instead of later if we got the current promo PLUS a little extra early booking onsite bonus, like a another $100 resort credit or maybe a free room upgrade or something. Think Couples would definitely come out ahead because they'd get people that are dreading having to leave & are on the "Couples Happiness High" s can be enticed easily .... As well as being a little bit intoxicated .....

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    The only incentive I need is in one word. "Retirement", so that I can go when I want and no one at work telling me that I can't have off when I want to and have to work "my weekend". When that happens I can take advance of the early booking specials.

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    The down side of this is that inevitably when on on-site promotion like this is offered, the people selling it are placed on a commission or other incentive to sell more. This in some manner would result in being pestered to book your next vacation, while still on vacation. Being asked repeatedly if I want any spa services is enough. One of the things we like best about CSS is the beach is private. No one harassing you to buy things while trying to relax. We enjoy off-site activities as well so have no problems with vendors asking us to buy things while shopping, I just don't need anyone pushing me towards another vacation before I've finished the one I'm already on. The Romance Rewards program already takes care of repeaters.

    Scott and June

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    Since Couples has a guaranteed lowest rate plan and will match later offered deals they may not want to offer a rate reduction to book before leaving but could offer an extra dollar amount credit voucher to be used at the resorts upon return. We were at one of the S resorts several years back and they do try to get you to book before leaving by offering a discounted rate. People do sign up to return when that carrot is dangled in front of them. They are still in that "I don't want this to end" frame of mind.

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    I think the idea is brilliant!!! We literally booked our next trip a few days after arriving home from CTI. If that option was available while we were there, we would not have hesitated to book our next trip on the spot.

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    Me again ... returned home from CSS on Sunday and booked our next Couples adventure to Barbados for 10 days in December. We are actually travelling with a couple who we met at CSS four years ago and have stayed in touch with ever since.
    As stated earlier, the on-site booking would be kind of neat, but in the end any day is a great day to book a vacation to a Couples resort!

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    We booked our 2nd trip 3 months after we returned, and our third trip a week later...37 days until we arrive for trip #2, 8 months until trip#3. We book based on specials..

    If the incentive was there, I would seriously consider booking a return trip while at the resort
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    Those of you that are traveling to Couples between now and April 24th (expiry of the 2013 Early Escapes) would you take advantage of this type of promo? We, as cautious Fence-Sitters, would likely take the plunge!

    Interesting...your dates coincide exactly with our trip...our first flight leaves in 17 hours, barring the dreadful storms they are predicting. We are headed to CTI. It would be nice to have an extra incentive to book while there, but taxes are due next week. Even the $400 deposit at this point would be tough right now. Bad timing.

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    How about this? While you are still there at the resort, using your unused Romance Rewards Credits, up to a maximun of $200.00, to book your next Couples vacation before you leave? We'd certainly do this as a future vacation would be much more valuable to us than to spend it on a second massage etc.

    Couples would win as well by having another booking; however, I would think it would be fair that if you booked your next vacay with your unused RR credits as outlined above, then you would lose them with no reimbursement if you cancelled that future booking (not modified as long as the trip took place within the same calendar year as the modified booking).

    This type of promotion could be a permanent one within the Romance Rewards Program.

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