I so often see many people on this message board wishing they were back at the resort and wanting to book their next trip to Couples soon after they get home.

I think it would entice many people to book their next stay before leaving the resort, whether first timers or repeat repeaters, if there was an incentive of extra romance rewards ($50-$75) for their next trip in addition to any promotion if a Loveaway plan was used (Couples gets to earn several months worth of interest). Sometimes when you get home and you are faced with the realities of bills and commitments it makes it tougher to allocate money for another trip several months away. This type of incentive may increase the number of repeaters as they are enticed a little more to book when they are still in the state of euphoria at the resort from the excellent service, food and quality time spent with their significant other.

Those of you that are traveling to Couples between now and April 24th (expiry of the 2013 Early Escapes) would you take advantage of this type of promo? We, as cautious Fence-Sitters, would likely take the plunge!

I know Randymon...wishful thinking but I thought it was an interesting idea if it is feasible and you are looking to boost the bookings a little more at the end of the promotion.