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    Default CSA gym?

    I haven't been able to find any information about the gym at CSA. Can anyone provide pics or general description? I enjoy my morning weightlifting and jogging, but wasn't sure what the facilities were like. Not a big deal, just curious. Any help is appreciated.

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    I'm in that gym every day 'bout 8ish. Open air gym, lots of free weights & machines, tread mills, elipticals, dumbells go up well over 100lbs. Pace yourself due to the heat, its not air conditioned but there are ceiling fans. The machines were updated during recent years. There are basketball courts, lots of tennis courts, squash, handball, etc. in the areas around the gym. There is a sports bar by the hair salon that wil make you all kinds of healthy drinks, power punch is my favorite, all natural ingridents. I'm a trainer, I have my own studio, & I love this gym, I get better workouts there than I do here at home. It's a nice vibe & great way to start the day. Also, I like to eat breakfast at the Palms after my workout, they'll be happy to make you egg whites if you ask them to, I usually have an eggwhite omlete with ham & crab meat, mushrooms, or whatever. Enjoy!

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    Actually there is a great 360 Degree View of the Gym to be found on the CSA website: Map & 360 View - Couples Resorts

    Just click on the fitness centre. The sports facilities "over the road" at CSA are amazing, I am sure you'll find everything you need and more. Remember to have one of the freshly prepared juices at the sports bar after your session - really energising

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    They have several treadmills and elliptical machines, a fair selection of weight/cable machines and a good supply of free weights (dumbbells and Olympic bars with benches). They will also have a cooler of water and paper cups and clean towels are available at the desk. Actually it is a very decent gym for a resort/hotel. The facility is open air, so it will get very warm during the day, I would recommend working out early morning before it gets too hot. Also if you prefer to wear gloves for lifting I would recommend bringing an older pair of gloves. The open air and exposure to humidity causes some rusting on the weight bars and dumbbells, they can make a bit of a mess of a new pair of gloves. They also offer regular classes of yoga and exercise which many people say are very good. I will be taking my jump rope and my regular HIIT routines with me as they don't require as much equipment. There is plenty of floor space available for these workouts if that is your preference as well. There is a walking/jogging trail on the fitness side of the resort also, about a quarter mile in length I think. If you are adventurous you can run on the beach, that is my preference. I run early morning on days I don't go to the gym. Use an older pair of shoes as they will get wet and sandy. Turn left when you get to the beach and you can easily run a couple miles down and back. Very pleasant run early in the morning, and you can stay mostly in the shade as the sun is coming up.

    Have a great trip, you will love CSA! When are you going?

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    The fitness complex, including the gym, is spectacular. We work out every day, even on vacation. The gym is open air, so we do work out before 8:00 a.m.. Besides the four ellipticals and the treadmills, there are also 2 bikes. There is a very nice selection of weights, mats, and aerobic equipment. I usually bring a bottle of water from the room, but water and flavored water is available. Also, the sports bar is right there, and you can always stop for a vitamin water or infused water after your workout. The track is excellent - winds around the tennis courts and has lots of palm trees. Towels are available at the front desk of the sports complex. After our workout, we like to take a quick shower in the locker room and then change into our swimsuits to take advantage of the lap pool. The pool seems to get the most use in the morning - we're rarely the only ones swimming in the morning. Then we relax for a few minutes in the jacuzzi, which is nestled behind the pool. Absolute heaven.

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    Ditto to what everyone above has said - there are several pictures on the CSA website - check out the 360 degree views. Also, the Fitness Complex is actually a private club since it is so nice - best on the island. I don't think the staff get there until 7:30 or 8:00a but I'm an early riser so I get there by 7:00a each morning - just have to turn on the fan and equipment.

    From the website: A 10 acre sports & fitness complex with lighted tennis courts (five clay and five hard), two squash courts, two racquetball courts, a fully equipped gym with the latest fitness equipment, 25-meter lap pool, aerobics, yoga, an outdoor jogging track, steam rooms, saunas, Jacuzzi, and a basketball court. Lessons included.

    Here are some of our pics as well.

    Cardio and weights
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    Lap pool and squash and raquetball rooms
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    There is also a large aerobic/spin room to the left of the cardio room. As well as an outdoor circuit track
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    I don't need to repeat the above, but wanted to add. Next door to this wonderful open air gym is the fitness room. There are daily yoga, pilates, spin and other group fitness classes. The other fitness classes vary based on who the visiting instructor is but might include HIIT/bootcamp/crossfit, Zumba or other dance; step, plyometrics or aerobics, or sculpting. It is worth checking out the board over at the fitness center to see what is being offered the week you are visiting. Note that the board will generally change on Monday-incase your visit spans over two weeks. There are also individual and group tennis lessons that are included with your stay.

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    And check out the spin classes! We had a great time with this - the bikes are surprisingly good, and our guest instructor was terrific! Nothing like spinning to reggae!!

    We love the gym, and find it a very necessary part of our vacation (after all of that good food and those hummingbirds)!!

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    Those big buildings behind the pool in Amy's pictures house the squash courts and the hand/raquetball courts. Pretty nice.

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    Do they post schedules for classes anywhere online, or do you just wait to find them when you get there? I am interested in both yoga and cardio/strength (circuit) type classes, but I would prefer to workout in the am and will plan different workouts if the classes are not convenient.

    What are the best drinks to get in the sports bar? Do they just do standard smoothies or interesting stuff?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennay View Post
    Do they post schedules for classes anywhere online, or do you just wait to find them when you get there? I am interested in both yoga and cardio/strength (circuit) type classes, but I would prefer to workout in the am and will plan different workouts if the classes are not convenient.

    What are the best drinks to get in the sports bar? Do they just do standard smoothies or interesting stuff?
    There are classes every day: these times/formats are subject to change, so check when you arrive, but generally: Yoga and Pilates alternate M-F. M,W,F at 10 am, and M-F at 4 pm. T,Th is yoga on the beach at 8 am. The group fitness classes are at 9 am and 5:30 pm and alternate between different formats depending on the visiting instructors certifications etc. Usually you will find Spin and various cardio classes. There are also some classes on Saturday and Sunday, but I forget the times and formats. Check the board (white board or chalk board) over at the fitness center for specifics.

    They have all kinds of smoothies, including with seasonal ingredients unique to Jamaica--ask your barista for suggestions. In winter they have Sorrel. They also always have infused water, espresso drinks, ginger beer, energy drinks, teas, juices, and beer available. This is one of my favorite places to chill.

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