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    Default Any runners at CSA 4/7-4/13?

    OK, just taking a stab here, but if anyone is up to some road miles in the morning before it gets to hot, post us back a message here or leave a message for us at reception/check-in desk and we will connect for a meeting time/place.

    My wife and I are both runners, but at different paces (9 min/mi for her, 8 min/mi for me). Our runs are between 5 and 8 miles on the beach or the road. This is our third trip to CSA.

    Mike & Mindy Price

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    We won't be there, but even if we were you guys are way out of my league!

    Isn't the beach a great run? I love it!

    Have a great trip!

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    It would be nice to have running partners but...
    1) we won't be there at that time (04/26-05/05) and
    2) you are out of my league too. I run a 12 min/mi.
    Safe and happy running. Hope you have a great trip!

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    My husband my take you up on your offer. We are there May 8-15th. Sorry but I don't jog/run. I'm more of a yoga girl. Enjoy your stay either way! We love it there!

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