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    Default Saturday Arrival--Is Club Mobay expedited customs service worth it????


    I have heard Saturday immigration lines are brutal. Does anyone know this to be true? Also, if in fact we would get thru customs quicker, can we get on an earlier bus to the CSA resort? The departure I can see the benefit, but I don't want to pay to bypass immigration lines just to end up waiting for hours and getting the same bus treatment as people that hung out in the regular airport.
    Please advise. Thanks.

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    Just got back on Saturday, 3/16/13. The Mobay pass was worth it. The lines were 1.5 to 2 hours long. We got through customs in only 10 minutes. When we got to the Couples lounge, we had only about a 10 minute wait before we left for the resort. Just enough time to change into shorts and have a Red Stripe. The departure lines were short and did not make any difference, but you can't buy one without the other.

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    What is Club Mobay and where do you get it? First time to CSW and Jamaica. Would love not to spend my first two hours in line to cleary customs. Would rather be sippin on a Red Stripe

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    We fly in on a Saturday as well, April 13th, thinking about the pass as well. Don't want to spend 2+ hours in line ups. What is the cost?

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    We bought ClubMobay for our July trip and I think it will be a good investment from reading all the posts. But you can buy one w/o the other. It's $80 pp for both and $55 for arrivals only

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    Do you just have to wait in the Couples lounge longer for other guests? Or do you actually get to head to the resort sooner?

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    for those who think it's worth it - what time does your flight arrive? we booked one of the earlier flights, hoping to avoid the crowds. we get in at 11:22

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    Just did MoBay pass yesterday, April 13, the line up was on the bottom half of the ramp, not too bad, based on our past experience. I would estimate the time to be 1 hour, maybe 1 hour and 15 or 20 minutes, but no more. If we had not bought the pass we would have been ok as we have usually faced this type of line up

    Having said that, it was really nice to breeze right by everyone. An added value seem to be the easy of process at immigration (stamp-stamp) as it was straight processing, not that we have had a problem in the past. We did have to wait for our luggage for 15 minutes, then we were off to the MoBay Lounge.

    On our flight Air Canada, from Toronto, we were the only ones using the pass. There were 4 planes docked when we arrived, don't know how many we're arrivals vs departures, and 3 planes landed within 5 minutes after our landing.

    The lounge was fine, we have a couple of Red Stripe draughts, which was nice, but we just wanted to get on our way. They found our private transfer driver for us and we were on our way.

    All in all, it was a "nice to have"' not a "need to have"' in our eyes. I guess it really depends, what month you travel in, and what day you fly in on. As they say timing is everything. We had to travel to Negril, which is 90 minutes, so saving time at Sangster was valueable to us.

    We booked MoBay on the way home too, so we will see how that goes.

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    I too would be more interested in your return experience. We leave toronto with Air Canada on May 8th at 10:00 arriving at 1pm. Since we are going and returning mid-week do you think that makes a difference? Last time we went yes, we were over an hour getting to the lounge. Thanks for any info that you can give.

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