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    Default Wedding Photography! Found the perfect one!

    Hello everyone,

    I just thought I would share some information with other brides since I know I have obtained a lot of helpful and useful information from this message board. One of the most important things for me besides my fiancé being there was that we had a photographer. We are going to CSA by ourselves and wanted a bunch of pictures and a video to share with family and friends. I want to be able to have something to look back upon throughout the years. Having looked through the message board posts from other brides that recommended different photographer, I contacted several photographers throughout the planning of our wedding. I thought well maybe the resort photographer will be ok, but I learned through this message board that some of the brides felt rushed and 36 pictures just doesn’t seem to be enough. Also I wanted someone that was dedicated and passionate about photography and was excited to be there for me on my special day. Well girls I found the perfect photographer for me. Yesterday I made the most important decision! I am using Digital Memories Photography for our wedding. Diana and her son stood out to me from the second I looked on her website and saw the amazing pictures they have taken, you can look at them online at After speaking to her on the phone the deal was sealed. She is dedicated to each bride and willing to do whatever it takes to make your day special. This is my day, and I didn’t want to be rushed nor worried about how many mintues I have left, since other photographers packages were charged by the hour. Diana and her son didn’t put a time restriction on our photo session, which is a very big deal to me. We are also purchasing the video of our ceremony to accompany the portraits. All I have left to do is pick the songs. Diana at Digital Memories Photography have reasonable prices and she’s willing to work with you. Finally the stress is over and I’m so grateful for Diana and her son. I forgot to put that we are getting married on 10-12-09, so as soon as we get back I will post the pictures for all of you to see, since I know I loved when other brides posted their pictures. Good luck to all of you brides!
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    Congratulations! We hired Diana for our Nov.21 wedding in Negril, exactly one month after yours, and I am soooo excited! She is so sweet and personable and I can not wait until the big day! I would love to see your photos when you get back!

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    oh sorry, read our date wrong...i thought it was 10-21, lol!

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    I will put them up the week we get back. Congradulations to you too, it's right around the corner.

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    You will love Diana and Richard. They are awesome people and they take amazing pictures. Congrats!!!

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    Me and my husband got married at Sans Souci last October and we used the resort's photographer and videographer. I was thrilled when I saw our photos and our DVD was AMAZING!! What an amazing job they both did. I would highly reccomend using what the resort has to offer. Couples is top notch on everything. We will be at Tower Isle on Sept. 29th -Oct. 6th to see the renovations. CAN"T WAIT!!! 6 more days!!

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    We booked Diana and her son from Digital Memories for our 12/12 vow renewal and we are excited to work with her. We thought about the resort photogs but it just seemed so impersonal. Diana's personality is amazing and so inviting. I just know we are going to be so pleased.

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    Dee Dee is AWESOME! I am honored to have had her as photographer for our honeymoon. The photos are great and the video is fabulous!

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    but when using an outside photograher isnt there a extra charge for it?

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    Hi all you future brides :-)

    I just booked Diana at Digital Memories for my May wedding!!! Whoot Whoot.
    Intially I was going to just use the resort photographer but I'm so glad I'm going with Diana. I had a pretty long conversation with her last night and am pretty confident with choosing her. All the other photographers I contacted we would just communicate via email, but to have Diana take the time to actually call me and discuss my wedding need, sealed the deal for me. I'm so excited I can hardly wait for the day to come.

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    Default I thought there was a $500 charge to use an outside photographer??

    Is that still correct?

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    Yes, unfortunetly the $500 fee is still correct.

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    But if you're worried about the $500 fee but want to use an outside photographer, I would take Carleigh's advice and contact Diana Campbell. Even with the $500 resort fee, she's very reasonable with her prices compared to any other outside photographer and takes beautiful photos that look better than most I've seen posted on here.

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