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    Default All my pictures from my wedding with Diana

    Hey girls,

    I decided to post all the links to all of my pictures for those of you that wanted to look through them all. Just to let you all know that there are a lot so enjoy. Me and my husband got married at CSA on 10-12-09 and used the best photographer Diana Campell and her son. Wish I new how to post the video too, it turned out great. Good luck to you all and feel free to ask any questions if you have them.

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    Thanks you so much for posting the pics they were beautiful and looked like you guys had a good time shooting them! I'm still working on trying to chose a photographer and I keep hearing that Diana is reasonable, though I have no idea what reasonable is, LOL.

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    Trust me, I did so much research when trying to hire an outside photographer and nobody compares to her! Plus she's so sweet and genuine, she truly just wants to make your day as special as she can. She treats you like a friend, not just a client. You will love her! I think once you contact her you'll know instantly that she's the best option for anyone wanting to hire a photographer!

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