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    Default Attire for evenings.

    Hello all,
    I was wondering what we should plan on wearing in the evenings at the resort. I know we have to dress nice if we want to go to the fancy restaurant, but on the other nights, are we ok with just shirt and shorts?


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    I would recommend scrolling back and reading the dozens of threads already done on this subject...lots of good advice! The resort also has dress codes posted.

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    This is what we do...

    I always wear a nice pair of shorts and a collared shirt (golf shirt) with sandals, my wife usually weats capris and a blouse with sandals. For nicer dinning I put on slacks, collared shirt and closed toe shoes, my wife will wear a summer dress and appropriate shoes (usually a healed sandal).

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    Nice shorts, shirt, and sandals should be fine. I always wear slacks and a collared shirt to any dinner except the beach party but that is a personal choice and not a requirement. My wife and I like to feel the part of being at a nice resort. Just try to avoid the "beach bum" look. Leave that for the daytime.

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    A good term would be "nice casual". Yes, shorts are fine but not sweat clothes. I agree that for the guys a collared shirt and shorts are fine. I think the easiest thing for women is throw on a simple dress. But the atmosphere is very laid back and FUN! Some people really like to dress up and that is OK too. It is all good mon.

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    Shorts, shirt and sandals are fine. My wife wears a dress and I wear long pants and a collared shirt every night. We never go to the buffet and we feel like we are going to a nice restaurant at night and dress for it. That is one of the reasons we go to CN. But others feel different and dress more casual. Do what makes you feel good, its your vacation.
    Terry & Lynne

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    I wear simple summer dresses and it is my excuse to buy cute new ones!

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    Over the years (7th visit this June) we have evolved our evening attire for CSA. We started out a bit more casual than we are now, however we still try to keep as comfortable as we can. I wear a nicer style and fit of shorts than I used to, with nicer shirts, even my tee shirts are a better quality. My wife likes to dress a bit more flashy than she does at home and she will wear heels to dinner, the martini bar or even dancing some nights. She always makes sure that my appearance is up to her standards (which exceeds the resort requirements). We have come to enjoy dressing up a bit for dinner and evening activities while still being comfortable in the open air restaurants or walking about. Of course for Feathers we dress as required by resort dress code and are happy to do so.

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    My wife and I always get dressed nicely for the evening dinners. I usually wear a nice pair of slacks and a button down short sleeve shirt. My wife usually wears one of the dozen brand new dresses that she bought for our vacation. Lol. Seriously though, she does wear a nice dress for our lovely evenings out as adults.

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    We try to make our days relaxing and laid back while we want our evenings to feel special. We are at a 5 star resort and want to get the whole experience of that. It can be lots of fun if you let it. Not a chore at all to clean up and enjoy.

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