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    Default Manager's Cocktail Party -CSS

    I noticed that there seems to be some conflicting information regarding the manager's cocktail party at CSS. Under the restaurant/bar section, this event is scheduled on Monday but on the sample activities schedule it's listed on Thursday. Anybody been to CSS lately that can confirm which night this takes place? Can't wait until our first visit to CSS - only 11 more days! Thanks!!

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    In 2010 we were there in January and it was on Thursday, 2011 in February it was on Thursday, 2012 in June it was on Thursday...2013 in June...I will let you know!

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    We were just there last week and it was on Thursday from 6:00-7:00.

    Oh how we are wishing that we were there again this Thursday, lol!

    Missing it soooo much!

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    Thursday when we were there in March.

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    Thursday, but at 6pm start was way to early, why would you give up some late afternoon sun?

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    This is a newbie question for sure but what is the manager's cocktail party ? Who goes to it ? Does it cost extra ?

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    I totally agree with Realism, I think starting at 7:00PM would be much better. We like going in around 6:00PM even a little after to shower up and get ready for dinner.

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    No extra cost. Just a way to enjoys some Apps & drinks and talk with many of the department heads at CSS.

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    Hi NSfolks, the Manager's Cocktail party is a party hosted by the management of CSS. It is usually held around the pool deck of the main pool with nice appetizers and cocktails. Pierre Battaglia the General Manager hosts the party and introduces you to his staff. All the guests are invited and it is included at no extra cost. Have a great time!

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    Thanks for the answers .

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    Cannot wait, 29 days to go.....As a resting Entrepreneur I love meeting the management of other well run companies like Couples....Eva....

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    The manager's cocktail party HAS been changed to Monday. I just got back yesterday and it was Monday this past week. They told me at Guest Services this was a recent change.
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