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    Default One way flight from Mobay to Negril.....Advise

    Has anyone done the one way flight from Montego Bay to Negril?? Sounds like an amazing way to start off our Honeymoon but haven't read too much about it on the message board....

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    My wife and I have done it twice. We fly to Negril upon arrival to see Jamaica from the sky and to get to the resort faster. On the way home we take the bus because we are not in such a hurry going home. It gives you 2 different perspectives of the island. From the air and from the ground.

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    We flew TimAir over 2012 New Years. Curtis was the pilot of the little plane. We loved it!!! Beautiful view and much quicker than a bus ride. It was about a 15 minute flight and then arranged Swept Away to send a shuttle for us. Otherwise you can probably take a taxi. I think we paid around $125/person one way. We thought it was totally worth it and are planning on doing it again this May. You can hit their website Rates Page - TimAir Limited and they will send you their rates.

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    Highly recommend it. We love it. WARNING: don't do it if all you care about is saving time. We have only taken TimAir and sometimes things go pretty slowly with them. I think it was our last trip, we arrived at CN about 5 minutes before the shuttle bus that we would have been on...very little time saved, but a thrilling way to travel!

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    Search for "Timair" and you will find feedback.

    It's a fantastic flight. Short (less than 15 minutes) but you probably never get above 3000 feet and the views are amazing. I would recommend it if you are comfortable with small planes and you have the money.

    Current cost is $125 per person, one way, from Mobay to Negril. But check to get exact quotes. Also, if you do it, get a reservation ahead of time. Most times (but not guaranteed), you will be the only couple and you pretty much go straight to the airplane after you get through customs and immigration. This used to mean a lot more before the road was completed, but it's still pretty darn cool.

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    Many times, TimAir

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    We have done the flight with TimAir on our last two visits....both times it was awesome. It was $120/person....was about a 15 minute flight along the coast. Because we have been to CN several times, we opt for this flight rather than the bus. We think of the dollars spent as an excursion.

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    We've done it a few times (back when the road was not great) & it's fun to see the island from the air but it really doesn't save you that much time ..... I would definitely take the bus back to the airport, though. The trip back flies by & barely takes an hour & 15 minutes at the most & it's fun to see the countryside & towns along the way.

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    We like to take the shuttle to Negril and always meet other couples on it. It does not save much time but the flight is beautiful
    Terry & Lynne

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    I agree with what others have said. In addition, we like to taking it from the resort back to the airport because it gives us a bit more time on the resort on that final, sad day.

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    Used TimAir on our last trip. As a former student pilot it was a lot of fun, the views are great. We did wait a bit in MoBay to leave for Negril, however I am certain we still made it prior to the bus...Take TimAir because it's: Fun, Great Views, Cool, Spectacular, Exclusive, etc. not necessarily to save time. If you are at Couples for a weekender, and then I'm sorry you're not there longer, it makes sense if you want to save an hour or so...otherwise it just makes sense if you aren't hurting for $$ and like to have additional adventures! Enjoy!

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