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    Hi all, lately I've posted my email and offered up pics and videos from csa and once in a while I'll get a request. So back in feb, march I got an email from a nice guy from Wisc and I thought we hit it off, me being from mn and all. Anyway we emailed back and forth off and on for weeks. Us being multiple repeaters, I'm kind of obsessed with couples and csa. Tri p #5 in 10 days. So needless to say I was very excited for him and his wife for their first trip to csa. I was hoping for a little review when they returned , hoping everything went well . Not a peep! All I was looking for is a we had fun or if not, what happened. I can just speculate that things didn't go well.
    We are so looking forward to the 13th, I'm getting giddy, and did our pre checkin.
    Sorry Craig from Wisc if things weren't what I described, I try my best and I am honest . Like I always say, csa isn't perfect but we can't wait to return.

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    Hey, my husband and I are going to CSA for the first time in June and I'd love to see some of your pics! What is your email?

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    I am currently planning my honeymoon at CSA and would also love some pics and I check youtube at least once a week to see if any new videos have arrived. Whats your email I would also love any advise you have on any special CSA places

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    we will be coming in on the 11th of april...It will be our third trip.....

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    They just might be coming out of the crash that happens when you return to reality. It's a tough ride (as you know). Give it some time, hopefully he will come out of the dark and talk to you again.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I'd love pics, too!

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    Jswan, my pleasure,

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    We leave in 24 days 13 hour and change, but hey who is counting down. Would absolutely love to have your email and any pictures you are willing to share. ANYTHING, drink suggestions, room suggestions(we are booked for Ocean verendah), food suggestion( I have seafood allergy). I am starving for assurances after some of the negative threads lately

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    If it helps, before I went to cti, a super sweet couple befriended me and gave tons of great insider tips. When we returned it took me far too long to contact them and tell them about our amazing experience. Perhaps Craig will surprise you and get around to it. We Wisconsin folk might just be a bit slow

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    Hey Don't sweat it! The important thing is YOU GUY's enjoy it! I know how it is when you think something is great and others can take it or leave it. I am a bit of a gourmet and a member of an award winning BBQ team. When I make something that I think is fabulous, I cant wait to turn people on to it. I don't always get the reaction I expect. Everyone has their own tastes, likes and dislikes. No Worries mon!

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    Hi we know you? Ricky and I will be back 4/12-21 for my 4th visit and his 20+th...and for our wedding! See you at our home away from home!

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    Thanks everyone, yes I know csa and couples doesn't turn everyone on like it does me. I don't get that but everyone is different I guess. I tend to be too sensitive sometimes. I've been trying for years to get someone I know to try couples so I could say SEE! ... We are doing the single digit dance so I'm grinning now

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    I would love to see pictures!! My fiancé and I will be at CSA in September!!

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    I just want to thank softail19 for the pictures, videos and answers to all my questions over the weekend. Her and Amy have been so helpfull in preparing for this 1st time vacation to Jamaica and CSA!! I hope both of you ladies have a safe and awesome vacation!!
    cfthunder (Ken)

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    Softail, I fully know how you feel. We have been to CSA four times, but not for five years. FINALLY, we are going home for our fifth visit this December. I can hardly stand the wait. CSA isn't for everyone I suppose, but it sure suits my lovely bride and me. Enjoy it and if somebody else doesn't, oh well.

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    I have one more work day before we leave on sat, yeeha!! Just have to get through a 6-12 inch snowstorm, yikes! Will spring ever get here?
    I hope my pics and the videos get you all wound up for your trips. I will soon be taking some new shots, can't wait. I hope you all have a blast, safe travels, sara

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    Here are two sites that have Couples resort photos by guests. ( for all the resorts and there is one for CSA)

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    Just an update, Craig emailed me and they Loved csa!! Yea! So glad, another satisfied customer! Way to go couples!

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