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    Default CSA/CTI Transfer - Need Advice

    Hello! First timer here and I need advice.

    I have already booked 6 nights in a Beachfront Verandah for CSA and 3 nights at Tower Isle in a Junior OCean Suite, in August for my Honeymoon.

    My question for you- Is this enough time??? I have not booked my air yet and I'm really thinking I should add a 4th night at Tower Isle. Any input would be appreciated.

    Thank you!

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    You've chosen the perfect honeymoon spot. Congratulations. You're going to lose a day transferring at each resort. Personally I'd suggest adding at least another day at each property. We've found ten days at one resort is needed to fully get the vibe.

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    Imho anything less then 4 days isn't enough time. We never count the first day or last night. First day is wasted do to travel/getting settled at resort and last night because you have to pack to leave in the morning. If you can add a day or two to both.

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    No matter how long you stay, it will never be enough. If you can afford more nights, buy them!
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    The more nights the better

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    If you are planning to try any off site excursions you may want more time to spend on the resort. You would have already spent time at CSA but some things available to do in the Ocho Rios area are different than Negril. One is the included Dunns River Falls trip. I suggest that you do some checking on "things to do" and limit them to one of your days there at most. Enjoy and congrats.

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    I agree with janeyb - this year we split our stay: 7 nights at CN and 7 at CSA. It just wasnt enough (even though we've been to both before). Next time we do a split it will be 10/11 or,hopefully, 14/14 if I can convince you know who!

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    Add as much time as you can.

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