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    Default Atrium Room location & floor suggestions

    Hello Couples Friends!!!!

    My husband and I are returning to CSA next week. We have booked an Atrium Room.

    For those of you who have stayed in the Atrium Rooms, what room numbers and floors (1st or 2nd) do you suggest? We are not picky people, however would love to have a room with a bit of view of the ocean if possible.....and not to close to the eateries.

    Thanks loads & looking forward to hearing from you!!!!

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    I was wondering the same thing! Last May we stayed in Atrium 1224, second floor. This room was rather close to the Palms - we could see the entrance and the roof from our room - but it wasn't an issue. It was actually convenient to be close to breakfast or lunch, and the martini bar. Our view was also of the pool by Palms and of other Atrium units. We requested a second floor room and enjoyed it, but Im not sure how much of a difference that made. We are returning in a little over a month to an Atrium room and were thinking wed like to try something closer to the middle of the property. Maybe on the first floor this time. I cant envision one of these rooms being in a bad location, but I would be interested to hear favorite Atrium room locations and why. Thanks for starting this thread, hope to get some feedback!

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    Happy to share the map if that helps -
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