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    Default Should I bring a lite jacket for CSA in May

    I was just wondering if I should bring a light jacket. We are going to CSA in May. I really don't want to over pack. Thanks

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    We have been twice in May, and we have never needed a lite jacket or long sleeve. It is warm at night.

    My first trip i heard feathers can be chilliy, so i brought a shawl...but i didnt need that either.

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    My wife always needs a light jacket. She lays in the sun all day and then she is cold at night especially in the restaurants but I have never worn a jacket in Jamaica

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    Unless you are someone who is cold natured, I would say no. The nights are usually pretty warm, but there is a breeze. Have fun

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    We always go in May. I've never needed a jacket once there. You'll spend most of your time in a swimsuit and at night it's in the mid-high 70's. Have fun! We return 5/5 thru 5/12.

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