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    Default Menu at 8 rivers

    I have been looking over the different sample menus and noticed that 8 rivers had a menu very similar to the meals served on Hell's Kitchen. I am a huge fan of that show and because of that I have always wanted to try beef Wellington, which is on the sample menu. Can anyone who has been to CTI recently tell me if that is an option still?

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    Here is the menu for 8 Rivers when we were there in March. Everything was fantastic!Name:  8 Rivers Menu - March 2013.jpg
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    they usually have it on the menu.

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    I sure hope so because it is delicious!
    Going back this December and that is one of the things I hope to have for dinner. It was on the menu December 2011 but I cant speak for after that time.

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    Many others may respond to this, but I'll give it a shot. The menu was changed sometime last year (I remember seeing it on the message boards a few months before our visit last October), and no longer has the Beef Wellington.

    I wrote an extensive review of the restaurant (we went 3 times in our 7 night stay!!!) and posted it on my personal blog: Two Eat Philly: Couples Tower Isle: Eight Rivers Restaurant

    You can click on the pictures of the menu to see them larger. The menu does change halfway through the week, so there are technically two different menus.

    The food is amazing- you will love whatever you decide to order!

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    Hi aphilly! Loved your blog! Just one clarification. Lobster Night at CSS was on Wednesday when were there for trip #6 between Christmas and New Years 2012!

    One Love!

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    suzyQ-- Thanks! Lobster night may be different for each resort. At CTI, I believe that it is still Friday!

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    Yes, Friday = lobster at cti

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    Thanks! Guess I'll have to try the rack of lamb! Only 6 more sleeps.

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