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    Default Best Building at Couples Negril??

    Hey all! Was wondering if anyone had a favorite building to stay in at CN for us newcomers..I hear you can request certain buildings ahead of time? Will be at CN in 5 weeks.
    Thanks so much!

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    HI and welcome to the Couples family, no you cannot request a building or room prior to arrival, but you can when you check in.

    Our favorite is buiding 1 or 2.

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    No, you cannot request a building in advance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ebkelly View Post
    Hey all! Was wondering if anyone had a favorite building to stay in at CN for us newcomers..I hear you can request certain buildings ahead of time? Will be at CN in 5 weeks.
    Thanks so much!

    If you're looking for peace and quiet, building 5 was our heaven. The noisiest it gets is around the sports hut, but you also have close access to the scuba pool, which is almost always empty. You have to walk a little ways to get to everything, but it's a beautiful walk. The only rooms available are deluxe beachfront rooms and beachfront suites. Have fun! We're already looking forward to our trip back in 2014!!

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    It really depends on what you are looking for in your room. I love buildings 1 & 6 as they are close to everything. 7 isn't too bad either. I wouldn't mind staying in 9 as it is close to the AN beach, but if you want to play tennis then 2,3 ,4 are good choices or if you want to be close to the dive hut then 5 would be a good choice. Truth of the matter is that there are no bad buildings at CN. Everything is close. Especially as first timers - let the resort place you and be wonderfully surprised! CN is awesome!
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    Depends on what you want for a best building. We were in Building 8 and loved it but other complain they can hear road noise (none that bothered us). I personally wouldn't like building 6 as it backs to the pool area and to me isn't as private but again I know another couple who prefers building 6 as it is so close to the center of the resort.

    Thus, I say it depends on what you want and what room classification you have. All in all, there probably isn't a bad building on the resort. The resort is not so big that being on either end is a problem. Nor is it so loud that being in a building by the center is problematic.

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    The trouble with your question is that you don't specify what room category you've booked. Our favorite building is Building 6, but if you've booked a garden or ocean room, you shouldn't expect a room in this building, as it houses beachfront rooms and suites.

    While Couples at one time permitted guests to request a specific room, floor, or building in advance of arrival, there were too many guests who seemed to think that the resort had to honor the request, and after far too many ugly displays from guests whose requests couldn't be honored, Couples announced that it would no longer accept any requests in advance.

    Since you've never been to the resort, I suggest you just accept the room that's offered and enjoy. Until you've become familiar with the resort and established your own routine, you won't know which building is best suited to you. For example, benandmiranda found Building 5 to be "our heaven." We only book a beachfront room or suite and have stayed in Building 1, 5, 6, and 9. Building 5 is our least favorite. It's simply the least convenient for us in terms of where we spend the majority of our time and what we like to do.

    There was a guest on the MB who solicited opinions as you've done, and when she arrived at the resort, she rejected the room offered and asked for a room that a guest had suggested. When she subsequently discovered the location of the original room offered, she was disappointed because she would have preferred that location.
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    You are going to love CN! We are first timers who just returned. We booked a garden view room and ended up in building 1 (Rm 1206) and it was great! we had a ocean view and could hear it from our room! it was located close to everything and we would love to book that building for our next visit in 2014. But i am sure that no matter where you end up you will enjoy your time at CN. We never left the resort because it was paradise!

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    We've stayed in 5, 6, and 7 and 8. 6 is my hubby's favorite because on the first floor you have immediate access to the sand and beach. 5 is my favorite because it close to the scuba shop, it is quiet, has beautiful views of the water and gardens, and I love walking back to it throughout the night and day (just strolling leisurely through the gardens.) One of my favorite memories is sitting on my porch and watching the flowers drop from the trees into the pond. So serene!!!

    So you can see from all the answers you are getting that it really depends on what is most important to you! Bottom line, all the buildings are just fabulous!!!!

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