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    Default Luggage assistence through customs in MBJ airport?

    As many times as I have been through the Montego Bay airport I cannot remember if there are porters available to assist with your luggage from the claim area through customs to the Couples lounge? My husband recently had major heart surgery and if we can go at all next month, he will not be able to haul luggage.


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    Unfortunately, I believe the answer is no. I don't believe sky caps are allowed in the baggage claim area, and are not available to assist you until after clearing customs in the "arrival hall" area. There are baggage carts, and I'm sure people on your flight would be happy to assist you with the luggage onto the cart. Maybe you can arrange for special circumstances...

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    Yes there are porters ... They used to almost knock you down to take your luggage for you as you got it off the belt, kind of like they do when you're returning back to the airport on the bus from the resort, but the last few years they haven't approached us but they are around so you shouldn't have any trouble getting one to help you .... You can ask if they're not right there & I'm sure they'll call one for you.

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    If you use club mobay arrivall service they wiil escort you and take your lugggage to lounge is 110 dollars and you do not have to wait in any lines

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