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    Default Advanced Open Water at CSS

    Has anyone got info on doing the PADI Advanced Open Water certification at CSS?
    How long does it take and what is the cost?
    I have previous experience with the dive team at CSS but can not remember what the details are.


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    If it helps I just completed my AOW at Couples Negril. The cost was $250 and you are required to complete 5 dives and fill out the 5 sections in the provided PADI manual.
    It was very easy.

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    Thank you BarrieF, how much time did it take?
    I don't care but the wife wants to know how long I will be missing in action!

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    I was curious about this for my hubby also. He was just certified open water while we were at CSS a few weeks ago. Going to CN in November and thought he might be interested in the Advanced Open Water. Wanted to know cost, details and how much time as well.
    Linda & Nick
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    Hubby did this last year at CSA and it didn't take any extra time - he dives each morning anyway, so that wasn't extra time. But if you don't regularly dive each day, then yes, it will take up extra time for you to complete the five dives. You actually get to choose from 15 dives which five you want. Everyone has to do the Underwater Navigation and the Deep Water Dive. Then for the other three you can choose from underwater photography, wreck diving,peak buoyancy, etc.

    Then for the book studying, he just read and filled in his book for an hour or so a day while we were on the beach under the palapa or in the morning before his dive. For us, it definitely didn't take up any extra time.
    Amy Welch...Woooohoooo!!
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    Thanks Amy
    Angela will be happy now as she knows I usually do at least one dive per day anyway.
    She thought she might be alone for 2 or 3 days but this sounds perfect.
    Just wish I could get her to try it too.

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