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    My husband and I are going to CSA in May. Does anyone know about getting scuba certified at the resort and what all it entails? Any info would be greatly appreciated!

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    It's quick and easy, couple of hundred bucks each,you'll have to pass the basic swim test, some techical book work, dive tables etc. The only drag is it could turn out to be a certification vacation, rather than a couples getaway. Depending where you live you could get it done before you leave....the water is still cold here in CA Good luck, there is always the resort certification just to get a feel for it!

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    Basic certification is around $300 and if you do the resort course first to see if you like it, they will count that toward your certfication. It's four or five dives over three days to get in all of your skills and dives, as well as the book work (like xtrmski mentioned above). But it can be a lot cheaper than doing it beforehand, especially since most dive shops make you buy the equipment.
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    My hubby just did his Open Water certification at CSS a few weeks ago. It was $360. I think they are more relaxed there. It only took him 2 days (from 8:45am to around 1pm) and he did 2 dives one day, and 3 the next day. Did his basic testing on the first day and then the other stuff the 2nd day. Had to do his book work and then he was tested the next day. He loved it.
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