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    Default Catamaran Sunset Cruise- CTI

    Hi, all-

    My fiance and I are getting married at CTI here soon, and this will be our first time to Couples. We have several family and friends coming along. That being said, we're looking at doing the Catamaran Sunset Cruise one night. I have had some questions come my way, that I was hoping someone could help answer.....

    How long is the cruise?
    What time do you leave and get back? (in time for dinner?)
    Do you HAVE to get in the water?
    Is there a bathroom on the boat?

    From what I read, it's about 2 hours long, you don't have to get in the water, and there is a bathroom. Just wanting someone who's been on the CTI catamaran to confirm please.

    Thank you very much!

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    We've done the CTI cat cruise many times. It's mainly a booze cruise that sails back at sunset - lots of fun!

    The cruise is about 3 hours long.

    It leaves at 3:00pm and gets back around 6:00pm.

    You have to get in the water to board the boat (everyone wears their bathing suit and cover-up) since it can only come so far on the beach, but then you do not have to get in the water again if you don't want to, until it's time to get off the boat.

    Yes, there is a tiny bathroom on the boat.

    Here's a pic (old boat, same concept):
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    And a pic of a cat cruise being loaded (so you can see how you have to be in the water for a short time):
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    When we were at CTI in February we boarded the cat off the pier so no one had to touch water if they didn't want to. My wife is not a strong swimmer so she chose to stay on board while I jumped off and swam. It was a cool cruise but be sure to line up early to get a good seat. We were one of the last to board so we were sitting on the deck... Not really comfortable.

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    I have read TOO many posts so now I am actually confused. Although I did look at the activities schedule they don’t have the “Boat” tours listed there. I see on this post it leaves at 3pm ish and I THINK I saw on a different post it is every day except Sunday and Wednesday is that correct?

    Then my OTHER question is, is the “Glass bottom boat” still going on from CTI that is a different boat right and if so when does that go out etc, I can’t really find any info on that…. Thanks in advance.

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    the Cat is every day except Wed.

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