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    Having just returned from CSA, I thought I'd share some of the changes I've noticed. My first trip to CSA was over 12 years ago and, having gone over 20, but less than 30 times (I've lost count), it's difficult to remember exactly how things were at the beginning, but I'll give it a shot.

    1. The water carafes are no longer in the rooms. Instead, they've been replaced by metal ice buckets. Maybe I was the only guest who used them, but the carafe was always filled with ice floating in water - a nice cool down from the long walk (ha!) from the beach. With a bit of practice, you can pour the melted ice into a glass, but do it over the trash can so as not to make a mess.

    2. A woodpecker has taken up residence on the property and it is unable to make the distinction between a tree and an aluminum rain gutter. Someone at the resort needs to shoot this annoying bird or at least cage it until after 6:03 am.

    3. There are more buffet-style dinners at the Palms. This is a welcome change. I'd like to see the Palms go all buffet. There are enough other choices for dinner that allow you to sit and be served.

    4. Pepsi in the minibars has been replaced by Coke. Well, this makes Suzi happy, so I won't complain too much about it. We should all drink more water and rum anyhow.

    5. Towel receipts at the end of your stay are no longer required. It's about time for that foolishness to come to an end.

    6. There are now 2 ice cream machines - one still at Seagrapes, the other down by the Cabana Grill. Unfortunately, there was no product to put in the machines other than on our first day there.

    7. Grace Pepper Sauce has been replaced by Grays. Hallelujah! Of course, not knowing this in advance, I packed two bottles of Grays.

    8. There's a traffic light to help you cross from the main grounds to the spa/fitness center. This is certainly a testament to the power the Issa family has with the Jamaican government. Once you leave Mobay, there isn't another traffic signal until you reach this one. Now, just so we're clear, I have serious doubts that this addition will help guests cross safely, as most Jamaican drivers probably see the light as a soft blur as they pass it at 100 miles an hour. It's still cross ONLY after looking both ways at least three times!

    Beyond these rather trivial changes (with the exception of the bloody woodpecker) it's a pleasure to report that CSA is just as wonderful as it's been for all my previous trips. As one of the few constants in an ever-changing world, it's good to know that when we return in October it will still be the same.
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    2. A woodpecker has taken up residence on the property and it is unable to make the distinction between a tree and an aluminum rain gutter. Someone at the resort needs to shoot this annoying bird or at least cage it until after 6:03 am.

    This guy, or one his brother, has been around for many years. We saw a group of maids throwing rocks at him a few years back. It seems that he likes the sound of pecking on gutters.

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    Ricky, I'm with Suzi, I will be happy to see the coke in the minibar! Yay, for the end of the towel receipt nonsense! Poor Woodpecker! (note to staff, please don't shoot him) I like Grace better, always try to bring two or three bottles home with me. Last time I was there they had Grays. Hmmm. I always feel like George Costanza in the "Frogger" episode of Seinfeld trying to cross over to the fitness center! Hopefully the light makes some difference, does security still cross you, or is the traffic light now security? Did you bring home secret sauce? Lastly, I wish you guys were going to be there when we are in October. I haven't seen you in three years! We had so much fun! And it would be nice to meet your wife! I can't change my schedule! Guess we will have to wait until next year for a jerk tour and meet up with Elvis!
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    Ricky -

    We've taken up residence for this week, and also heard, even saw, the woodpecker. Haven't heard him yet this morning, but earlier in the week, one of the groundskeepers told us that he works his beak out on the gutters and roofing to sharpen it for when he wants to work it on the trees. Having experienced this phenomenon back home, I should have figured this out, and it makes sense... still annoying if you're trying to catch some more shuteye.

    I noticed the towel thing earlier in the week... we left our towels on the verandah, and housekeeping takes them and leaves fresh ones. We agree... getting a receipt for your towels from watersports has been an annoyance in the past and was long since time for that one to go away.

    I really have to laugh at that traffic light. I'd say it was put there for the arriving and leaving bus traffic if it weren't for the absence of lights at the other resorts. Perhaps its something to try and SweptAway was chosen as a beta site? Who knows? The lawyers certainly seem to have found a home here on Jamaica... a couple of other observations...

    If you leave the property to walk the beach, its like sitting in an exit aisle on a plane ... the security guard wants your room number, your name, AND a verbal confirmation of understanding that you are leaving the security of the property.

    You are now REQUIRED to wear a life vest on the snorkel outing... the skip says its recommended, but won't allow you to leave the boat without one.

    As for the buffet at the Palms... frankly, we miss the ala carte menu, and beg to differ on the other options. Remember, you need reservations at LemonGrass and Feathers, and the menu at Patois is a bit limited. We say BRING BACK THE ALA CARTE AT THE PALMS!!!

    None of these present any vacation busting consequences... we are having a GREAT TIME!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    The woodpecker. Maybe one of the cats will take it out. LOL

    The Palms. Please change the Mediterrean Buffet on Wed to something else that has more options.

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    Chris - I am really hoping that they give up on the life vest for snorkeling concept. We typically snorkel every day at CSA (weather permitting). In February, we only went twice and just snorkeled in the roped off area with our own equipment looking for starfish.

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    Just got back today.

    KILL THE WOODPECKER!! It was our gutter he was banging on at 5 am!!

    We still did the towel receipt thing...which I hate. Water sports said yes, the lady at the desk shrugged it off, and when I asked for clarification from her she just shrugged. It is really dumb since they have an unmanned towel station now at the pool.

    The ice cream machines were down the whole time

    I liked the metal buckets because we stayed on the old side this time and there are not any any big ice bins downstairs.

    Not sure where I fall on the buffet at the Palms. Two nights were Mediterranean. One was supposed to be Italian I think, but switched.

    I really do like the check out the night before! Saves time.

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    so is there ever ala carte at the Palms anymore?

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