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    Default One~derland!!!

    We are finally only 199 days from going to CSS! When we booked the trip it was well over 500 days. AND there are only 2 more love away payments due. Thanks again for all of you support, advice and friendship!
    CSS Oct. 2013

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    Congrats Brenda! Will this be your first Couples visit? We just got back from our first Couples trip to Sans Souci a couple weeks ago. It was WONDERFUL!! We originally started our countdown clock at somewhere over 400 days, so I know how you feel hitting those milestone marks. The next few months will fly by though, and you will be on the beach before you know it. I am working on booking our return trip for next spring, so this next countdown will be much smaller.

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    Yes, this will be our first trip to any Couples resort. It's a delayed honeymoon (25 years delayed) and a celebration of my 5 year Bone and Kidney Cancer freedom!!! I am glad you had a good time. I have so enjoyed this message board!!!
    CSS Oct. 2013

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    You will love CSS. We found it on our honeymoon almost 3 years ago. This October will be trip number 3. We can't seem to want to go anywhere else. Absolutely love it. I posted a pic on your page of the view from G-16. If you don't mind stairs, G block is THE place to be.

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    We go to CSS every 6 months! It has ruined us. We used to travel every where - we now are hooked! I love CSS. Have a Beautiful time!

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    Congrats blridgway! I am so happy that you will be celebrating five years of being cancer free!!! I am so happy for you!!!

    Also.....enjoy your trip to CSS. It is a beautiful and very romantic resort! You will love it!!!

    Have fun!

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    What a great way to celebrate two AWESOME milestones!! Congratulations to you and to your family - you'll LOVE Couples!!

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    Congrats to you, Brenda! You have wonderful events to celebrate!
    Becky and Bud, VA, USA
    CTI 6/30 - 7/5/2011
    CTI 7/2 - 7/10/2013

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    Thanks everyone! I ~adore~ this board, it's like family!

    Nova star, thanks for the pic. We chose a Penthouse since it was such a good price waaaaaay back when we booked it, and this will likely be our only trip there.

    CSS Oct. 2013

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