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    Default Limited Time - what to do?

    I will only a have a limited time to enjoy what CN has to offer. Just wondering if you could only pick one, which one would you do? The Cat Cruise, Glass Bottom boat, or golfing - does anyone know if there is a trip to Rick's Cafe (which is someplace I keep hearing about)?

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    IMO, if I could only pick one, I'd go with the Cat Cruise aka The Booze Cruise. It is way to much fun to pass up!!

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    I agree with Bkhiattky - the Cat Cruise is a GREAT way to see the coastline, and you even get as far as the cliffs - definitely take a camera and enjoy the ride!! Oh yes, and once we saw some dolphins!! Way cool!! And if you're lucky, Rasta Ralphie will be entertaining - he's a crazy rasta dude who is tremendously entertaining and a real sweetheart...he gets people hopping with his guitar and his fun personality.


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    I'd say skip the golf for sure because you don't want to be away from the resort for that long & from what I've heard from others, the course isn't anything to brag about & it's REALLY HOT once you get away from the beach. You will want to do the cat cruise ........ I can't anymore because I get deathly seasick but it used to be FUN before I started getting motion sick for some odd reason. As far as the glass bottom boat, you can do that any day you are there. It's during the day, they go out a couple of different times, & it's not that long a trip. An hour or so maybe. Rick's is not included but you can get a taxi if you want to go - It's not far. If you go, go before sunset & watch the divers & the sunset - that's what it's known for. You can come back & eat dinner at the resort & have the rest of the evening there.

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    You can golf anywhere, so skip that. The Cat Cruise is a must and is 3 hours long. The glass bottom boat is only 45-60 minutes, so maybe you want to do that too. I, personally, would do the Cat Cruise and the snorkeling.
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    Maxernie, have you tried the wrist band. We used them on the two cruises we took. We didnt' even get sick on the last cruise when we hit some bad windy weather, and couldn't hardly walk on the ship. They had even canceled anything that was taking place on the deck. They are just a terry wrist band with a little button that is situated over some pressure points on you wrist. They are only a about $10 at Walmart and most drug stores. I think they sometimes are used for morning sickness too. I have a daughter that can get motion sick in a car, and they also worked for her on the cruise she took. That is how we found out about them.

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    Catamaran cruise is a blast, it takes you to an area on the cliffs knows at Pirates Cove, there are caves you can swim in, cliffs you can jump off, and pro divers diver here too, while not as impressive as those at Rick's, still tons of fun. There is a slide on the Catamaran, Rum Punch, Redstripe and well just plain fun!!! You get back just as the sun is setting.

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