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    Default First timer CSA questions

    We are coming to CSA for the first time on our honeymoon in 6 days and we have some questions...

    1. The daily activities like basket weaving and what not, is there an additional cost to these activities?
    2. Is there anything we should bring that we might not think about til we get there?
    3. Is there a cost to swim in the caves? ( thought on one of the threads they mentioned this)

    And I guess any tips or advice since not only is this our first visit to CSA, but it is our first trip anywhere lol

    Thanks in Advance!!!!

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    1. Only having done the Tye Dye I can tell you that you do have to buy a tshirt, unless of course you have a couples shirt from being a repeater and want to use that.
    2.My only advice on packing, is once you get packed, unpack and only pack half of it. You live in your swim suits and cover ups most of the time.
    3. The only cost I am aware of is the expenditure of energy it takes swimming from the catamaran to the caves.

    Be sure to take your patience and respect. If you have never been in the Caribbean they all operate on Island time, which is laid back and slow, so kick back and relax and you will have a ball. Is good mon!

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    Bring a cotton t-shirt if you want to tie -dye a shirt. Be sure to wash it beforehand. Hopefully you'll get answers to your questions. Have a pen available to fill out custom forms enroute to Jamaica. You've chosen a beautiful property for your honeymoon. Best wishes on your coming nuptials.

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    Congrats on your upcoming wedding and choice to honeymoon at CSA. Here's some answers to your questions:
    1. The daily activities like basket weaving and what not, is there an additional cost to these activities?
    - There's no cost for basket weaving but there is one for tie-dyed t-shirt (unless you bring one). Most everything on the resort is included in the price of you stay.
    2. Is there anything we should bring that we might not think about til we get there?
    - A water-proof camera can be a great thing to have...and don't forget the sun-screen.
    3. Is there a cost to swim in the caves? ( thought on one of the threads they mentioned this)
    - There's no cost to swim in the caves, if done during the catamaran cruise...but you may want to allow for a tip for the crew (they're not Couples employees).
    The best thing to do is come prepared to have the time of your life.

    Have a great visit!

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    Thanks everyone for the great advice! We are Sooooo excited!!! 4 More days!!!!

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    One thing not to forget is that there is a dress code for the two main restaurants on the resort, Feathers and Lemongrass. You can click on the restaurant on the CSA tab of the Couples site for more details but for men make sure he has a pair of slacks, collared shirt, and shoes or dress sandals. Women are generally in summer dresses and fancy sandals or shoes. The sandals option is new this year for the men as it was always closed shoes before. Remember that in the evenings the beach clothing goes away and this becomes a 5 star resort. If you would not wear it to the top restaurants in your nearby town or city then don't try to wear it to these restaurants here. It would be a shame to pay for it and not get to enjoy it.
    Here is their description on the site:
    Dress: Elegant casual. Shirts, slacks and closed-toe shoes or dress sandals for the gentlemen and summer dresses for the ladies. No flip flops, T-shirts, shorts, jeans, sneakers, or hats are allowed. Jacket is optional

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    Congrats on your upcoming wedding. You will love honeymooning at CSA!! My husband and I are headed to Swept Away for the 4th time this July and can't wait to go.
    All of the classes are free of charge, but you might need to sign up. I have not participated in the tie dye class, so not sure about that one.
    My list of things to do when I get to CSA (so they are my suggestions):
    Buy Jerk Chicken at the roadside stand you stop at on the way to the resort. It is SUPER spicy but so good!!!!
    Order as many dirty bananas as my stomach can hold. They are delicious!
    Go snorkeling!!!! Be sure to sign up in the morning
    Eat Breakfast at Patois - It is the best on the resort
    Hang out at the swim up bar. There are ususally alot of people there during the day and the bartenders are always great there!
    And just RELAX!
    The great thing about Couples is you can be as active or as lazy as you want. There is no pressure to participate in games or activites. It is all about what you and your honey want to do.
    Have a great time!!!!

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    Definitely make sure to pack plenty of sunscreen! We ran out on day 3 of our 7 day trip and at ~$20 a bottle from the gift store, it gets a little expensive!!

    Bring koozies with you if you are a drinker, that way your drink on the beach doesn't melt too quickly!

    Bug spray with deet was amazing to help with the sand fleas. I didn't seem to have any problems with them during the day, just at night

    Baby powder will help to get sand off of your feet

    Eat fish tacos and sweet potato chips at Seagrapes at least once

    Most important - relax and enjoy!

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    We'll be there 4/12-21 and getting married 4/20. I would highly recommend you read the other 1st timer threads on this site for tons of information. #1 advice...don't overpack! Congratulations on your marriage!

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    Thanks everyone!!! 2 days!!!!! we are sooo excited!!! For the restaurants he was planning on wearing kahkis and a nice button-down collared short sleeve shirt.. do you guys think that would be ok?

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    That will do just fine The Pad Thai at Lemongrass was great on my last visit, enjoy!

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    Yes, that attire is perfect

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