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    Default Too soon to start packing???

    Hubby and I are 36 days out from our first ever trip to a Couples Resort (CTI on May 6th). He thinks I'm a little crazy because I have the suitcases out and ready to start packing! Is it too early? If I start packing now am I going to forget something really important? Or am I just too darn excited about our vacation??

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    nope make a list, pack your stuff and unpack a few times it helps ease the stress of waiting to go. Also when your unpacking you may think of something you wanna bring just make sure you have your list and on the final pack check everything off. Just make sure you have a suit and clothes to change into once at the resort in your carry on so if luggage gets misplaced you can still start enjoying right away. One last thing if you have not checked "The "I wish I would have thought of that" thread do so, will give you alot of things you may not have thought of. Enjoy your trip Iv got over 400 days till I get to return home to Couples negril

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    We have 62 days to go and I have started putting things I dont want to forget into my beach bag, like the extra charger. Then I will start packing around the 30 day mark while children take bet on how many times I will repack before we go. So getting the suitcases out 36 day out is fine said one crazzy Couples fan to another.

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    Hi Jacci, There was a huge thread on this not too long ago (something about crazy wife survey). You will find people who don't pack until the morning they leave, clear back to people who don't even fully unpack their suitcases from trip to trip! The concensus is, no its not too early. I am a new husband (of 23 days, thank you CSS beach gazebo!), and I was wanting to start packing our suitcases as soon as we bought our new set specially for this trip, which was about 2.5 months before we left. As soon as my then fiance went and ripped the tags off the suitcases, I ran and started grabbing everything I new we would take on vacation, and started piling it in the room with the luggage. It was SO FUN packing! (but fair warning... unpacking is SO SAD)

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    Not a good idea to have your clothes sealed up in a suitcase for very long unless the suitcase has been sterilized along with all your clothes. Depending on where you live, you will get mold and mildew after a couple of weeks. Yes, it's important to go through your clothes to make sure you have everything you need. And you can even put them in a separate place in your closet in preparation for packing, but leave them out until two or three days before you depart.

    Having made the trip to Couples over 30 times, I usually pack the afternoon before we leave.
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    I always start packing 4-6 weeks out. It makes sure I don't forget anything I am ready to pack now and I am 257 days away!

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    Is it ever really too early to start packing?

    We have 51 days to go, and I've already been working on my 'to take' list for months now. And all the new swimsuit fashions are just hitting stores, so shopping for new suits is a great way to occupy your time too!

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    Make a list, and pack a few days before, unless you don't have a problem wearing smelly, wrinkled clothes (yes, we live where it's humid ). We're going 4/12 for my 4th trip, my fiance's 20+'th trip and our wedding. Trip #1 I WAY overpacked. You will need a lot of bathing suits and coverups (nothing dries in Jamaica), sun dresses and/or shorts, a few cute casual dresses, maybe 1 dressy. Flip flops, casual sandals and dressy sandals. That's IT. Lots of sunscreen!! I bring my own shampoo and conditioner; don't care for what's in the room. Take all your chargers in your carry on- and a swimsuit in carry on as your room won't be ready unless you arrive too late to swim anyway. Take a large enough suitcase to bring back stuff you buy (coffee, wood carvings, etc.)

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    Weewane is correct about the list. I love lists and if it wasn't for those, I'm sure I'd forget some very important stuff. So pack away! But create a list as you go of what you have packed and what is left to pack. I also have lists of last minute stuff I know I will need to pack separated with a shopping list and then the list of stuff that can be packed now. I know, crazy, but I LOVE lists. Keeps me so organized and plus with menopause I forget everything!!!!!
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    It's never too early... 21 days for us, first items are in.

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    Great advice! Thanks!!!

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    Don't feel crazy, there are more of us out there then you think. My husband and children laugh at me all the time because I have have turned our spare room into vacation central. Forty days and counting. We are doing a weekend trip to Colorado for a wedding a week before leaving for CSS, so I'm double packing. I will say I'm waiting to actually pack the suitcase until the excitment is too much. I think the kids have a bet going about it.

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    We bought new luggage too! And it's just screaming to be opened and packed up with swimsuits and sunscreen! Yay... 35 days to go! Thanks for the advice!

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    It is never to early to start packing. We are going home to CSA in May for our 4th time and I started packing in January. I am so excited..........

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    Never too early!!! I like to go through the possible items and hang them together or fold them together staged with the luggage in the guest room. I try things on, I edit... it sounds crazy and it is but it does add to my enjoyment and I consider it just another fun part of the vacation.

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    If you are going to pack early, put a few dryer sheets in the suitcase to help avoid any smells.

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    I bought all the little stuff I would need for our trip well in advance... trip was in March, bought everything in January (like sunscreen, meds, etc. including some new clothes/swimsuits as well). I put all of those items in a spare room for storage. I didn't actually pack until about a week before we left (except clothes... I packed those the night before to limit the amount of wrinkles).
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    Laying out all of your clothes and packing is part of the fun and anticipation! Enjoy it!!!

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