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    Default 3" of Snow in the foothils of Denver

    3" of snow and still snowing means Csa is that much closer. Cant wait to go Home. Csa_ vet,save me some chips

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    Boy, Denver can keep the snow. We finally got a little "summer" the last few weeks here in Wisconsin. I am not ready for snow. It can wait until December 6th (the day after we arrive at CSS) and then can snow for the rest of the week for all I care. Just not yet!!!

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    Sandman ~ Where do you live? We got 10" at my house. Couldn't get either car home last night because the plow hadn't been by all day to plow the streets. Had to go rescue the cars this morning. Very happy that someone didn't slide into them in the precarious positions that they ended up in. Plow finally came by about 7 this morning. Be prepared, shows another day of snow today and through Thursday.

    We live in Evergreen at 9200 feet.

    CTI is going to seem all that sweeter after winter hitting here so quickly.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Record heat here, triple digits the next few days - ugh. Today is the first day of Fall and I am ready for it.

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    It has been in the 70's the last few days in the Houston area. Looks like an early winter for us. If it drops a few more degrees, we will all be breaking out the heavy coats. I wonder if the golf courses will go to winter rules with this sudden onslaught of blustery weather. I must admit that I would love to see a little snow, but those beautiful green fairways and tee boxes in mid December look pretty good also.
    Have a great weekend!!!

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    Billy, Boy all we had all summer was the 70's. We are expecting the mid to upper 50's next week. I guess fall is upon us. If you want to see the snow, come visit us in Central Wisconsin the end of December, or better yet, try January or February. That is when we really have WINTER. That's why we do our Couples in December. (can't January or February. work a second job which pays for us going home)

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    YIKES! I thought I was always the first to post about snow in the Fall. We are in Northwestern Ontario Canada and usually get our first glimpse of the white stuff about the first week of October. This September has been unusually warm after a very, very cool, wet summer. Not looking forward to seeing snow but I know it will be here soon!

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    It's been lighty snowing and COLD all week in Leadville, Colorado. This picture of the mountains west of town was taken today.
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    Three hours ago we passed thru Denver..Still snow on the mountains..So much beauty here.

    Hope to see Princess Juli(Coloradojuli) again and hope to meet Joe and Debbie on this trip.


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    Still blazing hot here....where is Fall????

    I took this picture at 2:30 p.m. PST Friday 9/25.

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    Blueallah ~ Beautiful picture. Lucky you to live in Leadville. I'd love to be able to live further into the mountains, but at least we get to live in Evergreen and at 9200 feet.

    How are your trees looking. Ours in the backyard suddenly turned golden on Saturday. The side yard hasn't started to turn yet and the forest across the street hasn't started to turn either. I'm betting they will be beautiful this weekend.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Julie, we also live in Evergreen (up HWY 103), I'm just currently working in Leadville until the weather chases me out for the season.

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