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    Default Just wondering who will be there in May???

    We will be arriving May 17th just wondering who else will be there??? We have never been to CTI but hope to have a wonderful anniversary!!!

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    We will be there May 15th to 22nd. Our second trip to CTI. You made a great choice and I'm sure you will have a wonderful anniversary.
    Ted & Lori

    CTI - May 2011 & May 2013

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    We too will be there on May 17th..we leave Denver the 16th and have an overnight in Charlotte, then on to Jamaica on the 17th! This is our first trip to CTI also. We are celebrating our 10th anniversary! Hope you have a wonderful anniversary as we hope to also.

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    We will be there 5/16-5/23 this is our first trip to Jamaica/ a Couples resort. We are so excited!

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    Lisa, hey we will be leaving from Charlotte also...our flight is at 7:45 am the 17th. What time is your flight???

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    We will be there they 15th- 22nd we arrive in MBJ at 9:50 am from Charlotte, see you there!!

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    Hey we'll be there May 17th can't wait our first trip there...

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    Hey have you guys been to CTI before?? Looking forward to getting to meet some new friends..we would like to get to know a little about a few people before we get there....

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    The wife and I will be there during that time. May 18th -25th. Getting close now!

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    If you go to the tread "May" There is a long list of everyone, and a little info. Most of us are on that tread.

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    This is the most recent pic of us that I could find. LOL

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    Todd and I are spending the night on May 10 in St. Louis then flying out of St. Louis on May 11. Then we will renew our vowels on the 14th in celebration of our 25th wedding anniversary. We plan to be there May 11-18. This is our first trip to CT. Looking forward to making new friends. Hope to see some of you there!

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