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    Default Appleton, YS Falls, & Black River tour

    Was looking through the tours that are available to book through Couples. I am curious about this tour in particular, we are staying at CSS in late May. Does anyone have any info on the tour? Is there a website for the specific YS falls tour and Black River tour portions? Is it worth the cost? Are meals provided considering that you will be away from the resort from 7am until 7pm? Thanks in advance!
    CSS 5/21-5/31/13
    CSS 4/12-4/24/15

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    We did the tour from CN. We thought it was worth the cost, and then some. The Black River is absolutely beautiful. YS Falls is also beautiful, but is a very short tour compared to the Black River. You walk along the side of the falls, it is not safe to climb, and the water is COLD! You can jump into a pool in one section of the falls from a rope they provide for you (for a small fee), but it's not exactly an interactive falls area. I personally LOVED the Appleton Rum Factory. I learned a lot, and drank some wonderful rum (included in the price). They stop for lunch at a private 'estate' with a great view. You pay extra for this, I think it was $7-10/pp.

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    Have done this tour when staying in Negril. I'm not sure about the drive from CSS. Seems like it would be a really long day. Loved it. It was a long day from Negril but totally enjoyable. It included parts of the island that you never see and lunch was at quaint place in the mountains. I'd do it again.

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    We did the trip from CSA on our first visit. It was a LONG, hot day. If you are going in the middle of summer, I'd discourage it. If you are looking for something touristy -- very touristy -- then you might enjoy this. While the river and the falls and the factory were lovely, it is a money-making excursion and we felt very herded around and pressured for money. You pay for the trip, but then you need to tip the driver, then at the river, you need to tip the tour guide, then at the falls, you need to tip the guys that take you up the fall or into the water. The only place we didn't tip was at Appleton -- but I think that's only because they know most people are going to buy some rum. We did stop for food at one point but it was $10 additional and the food was terrible. Every bite had bits of bone. We all joked that the people in the kitchen had thrown a pig into a wood-chipper and were probably all laughing at us as we tried to eat the meal. :-) I know Jamaicans typically eat meat on the bone. I don't have a problem with that or eating with my fingers. But this was literally little shards of bone in every bite! We made the best of it and had a fine time, but I would never take a full day away from the resort ever again. That's just my opinion!

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