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    I was just reading on the website for custom & immigration about registering(filling out a certificate) with customs before you leave USA for personal items such as computer, camera, etc. Otherwise, there is no proof you didn't purchase those items in Jamaica.

    How do you all handle laptops, camera's, etc and going through customs?

    When we went to Mexico 5 years ago, nothing was mentioned about your personal items (laptop, camera) and registering them.


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    Never have done this; never had a problem.

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    Ok- I don't think we are going to do this....thanks for replying

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    In more than two dozen trips to Jamaica, I have never been questioned carrying anything into the country. Coming home, the US Customs Agents can tell if you've bought it here or there. No worries. Just don't bring back anything illegal.
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    OK, thanks for the reply.

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