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    Default Party Hearty - 12/25-1/1

    Okay, who's going to be there for the holidays?
    Arrive 12/25 - Depart 1/1
    First time but definitely looking forward to:
    Golf, Drink, Sun!!!

    Do I hear a hell yeah?????
    p.s. all suggestions/recommendations welcome

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    Hellya! If for only for 4 days! 81 days and counting~!

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    honeymooning from 12/27-1/1!

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    Quote Originally Posted by donnag View Post
    p.s. all suggestions/recommendations welcome
    i would highly suggest, if you have the means, to try naked waterskiing

    -The Captain

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    Judy and I will be there for New Years again this year. 12/26 - 1/2! You can always find us on Tower Island!

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    Default so excited

    December 27th to the January 3rd...2 more Sundays...21 days...3 weeks...I cannot wait...I will meet you there!

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