I will start out telling you why we picked Jamaica and Couples.

For years we have seen a mega resorts advertisments on the tv and read them in magazines and they had us hooked...My daughter who was a travel agent came up to visit us and I told her what and where we were looking to go.

She STOPPED me dead in my tracks and said "NO,you need to go to Couples Swept Away"...So I checked out the Couples websight on all four of their resorts but after looking and reading I liked CN best of all...And then I discovered the Couples message board...I signed in and a CN loyalist Cnsmitten personally emailed me,sent me pictures and answered so many questions that we decided CN was for us..We still thank Cnsmitten to this day...And today our love for all four of te Couples Resorts still holds true.

At a Couples resort,you are somebody..You are a Couples family member...Not just a number

Couples has allowed us to meet so many strangers and turned them into life long hugging friends.

SO..WName:  hugs343.gif
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Size:  25.3 KBhat got you to Jamaica and to the Couples Resorts?

Hugs from Tommywommy and Peggyweggy of 10 0 C