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    Default CN: March 6-16, 2013 Photos and A Few Thoughts

    My husband and I were at CN for our third trip in March. Thought you all might be interested to see some of my blog posts about the trip, including one on the One Love Bus.
    Melissa and Kevin
    CN March 2011, March 2012, March 2013

    Jamaica: Too Soon Gone - Juniper Disco
    Jamaica: Breakfast! and Other Meals - Juniper Disco
    Jamaica: One Love Bus Bar Crawl - Juniper Disco

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    I can't get your links to the photo's to work.

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    I just read through your narrated photos - and - I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!! I have learned so much from just 3 of your blogs and look forward to seeing and reading more. We are new to this blog and have not been to Jamaica yet, but planning it for our 20th Anniversary (next June). Thank you so much for taking the time you do to post pics and narrate them, it is very much appreciated!!
    Chris and Christine

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    Wow! Awesome blog. I felt like I was in Negril, right there with you. Thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks for sharing. LOVED IT!!!!!

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    loved seeing the pics and reading your post. thanks for sharing

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    We have never been to Couples either,but we are planning on going next June for our 25th. Maybe we will see you there!

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    Great Blogs, great post. Loved it. Now if I could only get the other half to go on the Crawl, but she is not into that like I am.

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