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    Default Honeymoon at CTI

    Hello! I just booked out honeymoon for July of 2013, but never indicated anywhere that it was our honeymoon. I read somewhere that to receive the complementary honeymoon package you have to indicate it when you book the trip. Do I need to do that? And if I do, how do I do that? Should I just call?


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    You can call or sign up for romance rewards on the website. Either way they will know its your honeymoon.

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    You can also wait until you arrive - but the most important thing is to bring PROOF that it's your honeymoon and that your wedding was within 30 days of arrival. We used our wedding program that had the date on it and it was fine.

    This is from their website: *PLEASE NOTE: To receive your complimentary bottle of sparkling wine and a 25 minute couples massage, Couples Resorts requires a minimum stay of 6 nights and valid proof of marriage upon check-in (wedding invitations, copies of marriage licenses and marriage certificates or engraved rings). Honeymoons must commence within 30 days of wedding date.

    Or like kcsiemens said, you can always call them now to have them note it on your reservation. And another tip? The day you leave, tell everyone it's your honeymoon - you may get flight and other perks along the way.
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    Agreed about telling everyone! People seem to love giving people stuff when it's their honeymoon.

    That being said, we were at CTI for our honeymoon in January and just checked the box on the check-in paperwork that indicated we were honeymooning. We've been married 2.5 years now but only recently took the honeymoon. We didn't have any proof of marriage (nor were we asked) and were given a 25-minute couples massage. No sparkling wine, but that was fine with us.

    Have fun! You will love CTI!

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    I wonder if they are sticklers about the within 30 days of wedding date? We were married June 12, 2016 but due to arrive for our honeymoon on July 16 (so 4 days past 30).

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    Couples Resorts are in the romance business and they are VERY good at it. I would be shocked if you had any issues.

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