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    Default Question for recent visitors to CSA....

    This is our 7th time to Couples but 2nd time to CSA, getting there april 2nd for a week. I'm a huge wakeboarding and have a nice luggage case for it and every time I go the wakeboard is in very poor shape. So I want to bring mine. My question is recently has the mastercraft been in use?? What about the basic motor boat?? I'll probably bring even if its the basic boat they are using, just don't want to bring it if neither boat is in use(which I know is rare)


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    The mastercraft was running two weeks ago for water skiing.

    Life is good

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    Was there last year and they were using the Boston Wailer with a 200ish outboard. We arrive Saturday for 2 weeks. I'm bringing my ski. I'm sure bill see you there.

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    Greetings. We were there a week ago and lots of people were water-skiing and wakeboarding. Enjoy your holiday!! Razzl

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